Patch Programs & More
Help us celebrate the life of our founder Juliette Gordon Low with the Year in the Life of Juliette Patch program. Every month will bring a challenge (with a new patch) that focuses on the important work that Juliette did, and the values that she encouraged in Girl Scouting. The centerpiece patch for the A Year in the Life of Juliette patch program is available in the council shop. There are no specific requirements to purchase the center patch - just download the order form below. Each month has a different topic relating to something that was important to Juliette Gordon Low. Each month's patch can be displayed around the center patch, and if girls complete all 12 programs, they will have a complete series. Girls can choose to earn all 12 patches in one year, or over a series of years.

Celebrate some of history’s most notable women, ranging from activists to athletes, from scientists to poets. Each month, Girl Scouts will learn about a great woman’s impact on the world.

Girls will be guided through activities relevant to the notable woman’s story. Each patch ties into the Girl Scout program, be it by satisfying certain parts of a badge or Journey, or simply by showing girls what women of courage, confidence and character are able to accomplish.

Start off the program with the center patch, and earn a rocker for every month. After a full year, girls will have the whole set.

Girl Scouts have the opportunity to change lives and impact the world in meaningful ways. The Donate Life Patch Program is an opportunity for Girl Scouts to learn about how the meaningful donation of organ, eye and tissue donation gives people a second chance at life.

Girl Scouts of Black Diamond has partnered with Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) to offer the Food Allergy Awareness Patch Program.

FARE is the world’s leading food allergy advocacy organization and the largest private funder of food allergy research. Its mission is to improve the quality of life and health of individuals with food allergies and provide them hope through the promise of new treatments.

Please register for the program. Once you have completed the required tasks, contact Customer Care at for your free patch. Due to limited supplies, patches are only available to girls in Black Diamond Council.

The Get Outdoors Challenge is open to current girl members. Girls should complete the total number of activities specified for their grade level from the activity list during the specific time period (fall/winter or spring/summer). If you have already done the challenges in the past, participants can start another ring of leaves around the center patch for this year’s challenges. The patch challenges are updated every six months. Once girls have completed the checklist requirements, their leader or parent/guardian is eligible to purchase the Get Outdoors Challenge main center patch and appropriate leaf set. Be sure to purchase the patches within a month of the end of the season to ensure the patches are in stock. 
Girl Coders was created by a Gold Award Girl Scout Caroline Zeng, and is a nonprofit organization that combats the gender gap by offering entry-level coding workshops to encourage young girls to experience STEM in positive, empowering ways. We encourages troop leaders to host coding workshops for Girl Scouts, and we offer free patch to the girls after they complete the workshop as a physical reminder of her accomplishment in completing a coding education program. Learning by Doing: Girl coding workshop provides girls hand-on activities. Girls will learn to code, and code to learn. There are a variety of patches available to Girl Scouts of all grade levels. Fill out the form to learn more about hosting a troop workshop and earning fun badges.
Karen Brandt designed this fun patch program about healthy eating for her Gold Award Project.  Since childhood obesity is a growing problem in the United States, Karen decided she would create a program to teach other Girl Scouts how to eat healthily.  Karen is certain that kids can be good cooks, and that cooking healthy food can be easy and rewarding.  Once your troop completes the workshop, you’re encouraged to share what you’ve learned about healthy cooking with others in your community!  Please see page 3 for instructions on ordering this patch after completing the program once you submit the form.
With the increase in youth bullying, suicide and drug use, Girl Scouts are actively fighting to create change. Through a program to educate and reduce the stigma of mental illness, Girl Scouts can earn the Mental Health Awareness Patch developed by us for playing a positive role in their communities.
Interested in earning  your MedExpress First Aid Patch? Troops can now visit their local MedExpress to do so.  The visit begins with a center tour in which troops will meet and learn more about careers in the medical field and how urgent care works.  Troops will also learn about first aid and make their very own first aid kit to take home, along with their MedExpress First Aid Patch. Visits to MedExpress Centers are dependent upon staff availability and proximity to MedExpress Centers. The MedExpress Center Manager has the autonomy to set up dates that will work best for the troop and the Center.
Girl Scouts of Black Diamond understands that Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) are vital to our future—the future of our country and the future of our girls. Women with STEM jobs earn 33% more than women in any other kind of job! However, to encourage innovation in STEM fields, girls also need a healthy dose of creativity and ingenuity. With the Arts added to the mix, STEAM is everywhere and shapes our everyday experiences. This 12-month patch program helps girls discover, connect, and take action within the five diverse fields of STEAM. This program is powered by Suddenlink.
The We Keep Water Flowing Patch Program, sponsored by American Water, is open to girls in grades K-12. This program aligns with three of the four Girl Scout Program Pillars, including STEM, Life Skills and Outdoors. It honors the powerful Girl Scout legacy of environmental stewardship set forth by Juliette Gordon Low. From the very beginning of Girl Scouting, Juliette Gordon Low encouraged girls to explore the natural world and use their natural resource wisely. The We Keep Water Flowing Patch Program links girls to the natural world, conservation and Girl Scout tradition. When you have completed the patch program, please complete the patch form . The first 500 to complete the program will receive the patch for free. After the first, you will be notified via email if there is a charge for the patch.

Girl Scouts, get ready to explore the outdoors with the Women of Courage Patch Program. Girl Scouts will face challenges and learn how to overcome them. Learning these outdoor skills will prepare Girl Scouts with the courage, confidence and character they will need throughout life.

The women highlighted in this patch program will show Girl Scouts that they can face any challenge that comes their way. Girl Scout will be guided through activities that will help them connect with the outdoors. Monthly themes and activities are linked to the Girl Scout Pillars: Life Skills, STEM, Entrepreneurship and Outdoors. Start the program with the Women of Courage patch. There are not specific requirements to purchase the patch. As Girl Scouts discover, connect, and take action, they will earn a monthly charm. After a whole year of activities, Girl Scouts will have earned the complete set! 

This 16-month program, open to a select group of Seniors and Ambassadors, provides experiences and knowledge regarding paths that girls can follow after high school.
This select group of girls will enjoy a collection of events, trainings and experiences. Throughout this program these girls will be able to mix and match to attend at least:

  • One Collegiate Visit
  • Two Career Exploration Opportunities
  • Four Virtual Learning Opportunities
  • Five Other Relevant Leaning Experiences
  • Teen Conference (designed by the girls)

Upon completion of this program, each girl will have a can-do mindset as she grows into her own sense of self; experience and learn opportunities relevant to her future path and/or help her identify her future path; gain a network of individuals who are able to support her transition to adulthood; and develop the ability to problem solve real-life matters.

Applications to participate can be downloaded here, or you can still apply to become an adult mentor

If you have any questions, contact Emily Welch 304-345-7722 ext 1016.