The Girl Scout Leadership Experience is as vital now as it was 100 years ago, perhaps even more so, as girls today must navigate a more complex and interconnected world. Girl Scouts is uniquely able to help girls develop 21st century skills like - problem solving, communication, critical thinking, team building, ethical decision making, financial literacy and leadership. We believe all girls should have access to and support in honing these skills; therefore it’s important to make Girl Scouting available to every girl who wants to participate.

Tips for Recruiting New Girls
  • Ask! If you know a girl that would benefit from the Girl Scout program, ask her to join! You are the best resource to promote the Girl Scout experience to girls!
  • Contact your service unit administrator to add a girl from the waiting list in your area.
  • Ask the girls and parents in your troop to ask a friend to join. There are several resources in ONE magazine and below that allow current Girl Scouts to customize invitations to send to their friends!
  • Ask a church or youth organization in your community to make an announcement that spaces are available in your troop.
  • Talk to other youth organization leaders and school officials about the benefits of promoting involvement in the Girl Scout experience.
  • Utilize the program resources below – there are helpful fliers, letters, invitations, and program party planning guides that will assist in activities for recruiting new members!

Why Bigger Troops? A troop size of 15-20 girls will give the troop many benefits, including:
  • An opportunity for girls to expand their networks. As the song goes – Make New Friends, But Keep the Old!
  • More opportunity for girls to experience cooperative learning – team work!
  • An opportunity to build more diversity into your troop
  • Ensures sufficient attendance at each event – the more, the merrier! Involving more girls makes events even more enjoyable!
  • Potentially more adult helpers, more girls = more parents/guardians. The more hands helping, the easier the task!
Tips on handling larger troops
  • Divide the group and plan a variety of simultaneous activities – more helpers will make dividing work easier and more efficient.
  • Encourage troop members to take on more responsibilities, giving them more experience in self-government. Girl Scout activities should be “girl led,” with more girls to lead and mentor, more activities can be completed.
  • Encourage the girls to develop their own Welcome Plan for new members. Let the girls lead – by welcoming new members, existing members are able to maximize their leadership skills creating a new learning opportunity!

Commonly asked questions:
What if there is no more room in my troop for new friends?

Contact your registrar to understand what troops in your area do have space, and encourage the friend to join another troop. If no troops are available, still encourage her to join and take advantage of council-sponsored opportunities.

What if I have more questions? 
Please contact us and ask to speak to the MSM in your local Girl Scout area.


Add a Friend Flyer

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