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Volunteer Resources

You are a special part of our Girl Scout family, and we want to make sure you have the resources you need to be successful. Whether you are ready to take a class and learn a new skill to share with your girls or if it’s time to thank a fellow volunteer for all that she has accomplished, we are here to help!

Below, you’ll find many resources to help you on your Journey as a Girl Scout volunteer!

Activities, Games, Swaps, Songs, Etc.

Check out these activities by grade level!
Learn about Song Leading
Learn about SWAPs
Explore craft projects and activities in Girl Scouting!

Activity Specialists

Webform to submit Activity Specialist General Recertification

Outdoor Specialists page

Approved Vendors

Local and regional companies that have agreements with Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council. See approved vendors here.


Learn about the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards - the highest honors a Girl Scout can earn. 

Bridging and Ceremonies
End of Year Troop Paperwork

Please submit your 2019-2020 paperwork soon! Your troop’s end of the year paperwork (formerly Reflecting on the Year) must be turned in by June 30, 2020 for Troop Leader Re-appointment and to qualify for Supertroop.

Troop Leaders and Assistant Leaders can complete their troop’s end of the year paperwork and submit a bank statement through the Volunteer Toolkit Finance Tab

Troops can complete it using the end of the year paperwork (webform or PDF) and attach a matching troop bank statement.

If you would like a paper copy of the forms, please contact our Customer Care Team at 304-345-7722.

Forms and Documents
Girl Scout and Volunteer Resource Center
Helpful Websites
Lifetime Membership

Celebrate girls who are changing the world today and for generations to come as they learn cutting-edge skills, work to protect and preserve the environment, explore new technology, and so much more. Girl Scouts' essential programming fosters courage, confidence, and character in girls, preparing them for a lifetime of leadership. You can champion the next generation of change-makers by investing in the world’s largest leadership development organization for girls!

  • Lifetime Membership Card and Pin - Coming Spring 2019
  • Various discounts - including 10% off Girl Scout Merchandise purchased online
  • Invitation to join an Annual Call for Lifetime Members hosted by GSUSA's CEO
  • Invitations to exclusive local and national events
  • Monthly e-newsletter for Girl Scout Alums
  • Opportunity to purchase Girl Scouts of the USA's exclusive Lifetime Membership Scarf in Summer 2019!


Lifetime Membership is available to any individual who accepts the principles and beliefs of the Girl Scout Promise and Law, pays the one-time Lifetime Membership fee, and is at least 18 years old (or a high school graduate or equivalent). Lifetime Memberships dues are $400, though we offer "Young Alum" Lifetime Memberships for just $200 (applies to any former Girl Scout under age 30.)


Girl Scouts provides girls with programming in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM); the outdoors; entrepreneurship; and life skills - areas essential to preparing them for a lifetime of leadership, success, and adventure. Your investment in Lifetime Membership ensures that girls always have the support they need to reach their full potential and change the world. Paying it forward now, when you sign up as a Lifetime Member, $25 of your dues will automatically fund one year of Girl Scout Membership for an underserved girl in your local council.

Girl Scouts can be a life-changing experience - and you can give that to a girl who might not otherwise have the opportunity.

Interested in purchasing a Lifetime Membership? Click here.

Leader's Guide to Success

The Leader's Guide to Success will prepare you to effectively lead during your time as a Girl Scout troop leader. Need help along the way? Let us know! We have many tools, training resources and people to support you through every step. 

OWLS - Volunteer Outdoor Training Weekend

OWLS 2020 will be May 15-17, 2020!!!! Check out this year’s Outdoor Weekend Learning Spectacular Training Weekend. This outdoor training conference will be held at Camp Rocky Ledges near Milton, WV.

Pen Pals

Is your troop interested in connecting with another troop around the world? Check out Girl Scout Pen Pals!

Troop Pen Pals document

Safety Activity Checkpoints

See what you can do to help keep your girls safe during activities by viewing Safety Activity Checkpoints.

Virtual Troop Meeting Safety
Spring Renewal

With a summer of adventure ahead, we want to equip you with an easy, convenient way to renew the troop’s commitment to the next membership year, which begins on October 1st. While that might seem like a considerable distance away, before you know it you’ll be caught up in end-of-school activities and, in the blink of an eye, back-to-school (and troop) will have already passed us by. Time really does fly when you are having fun!

That’s why Early Bird Spring Renewal is the opportunity for you and your Girl Scout troop; check it off your list and get set for another year of bringing out the G.I.R.L in every girl! You’ll be ahead of the game for the Fall Product Program and be on the mailing list to receive the Program Guide’s first issue of the membership year. And most importantly, you’ll be organized long before your first troop meeting of the new membership year and a little less stressed.

And last, but not least - I should also mention that we have great rewards for showing us your early commitment to another year at Black Diamond. By completing the renewal requirements you’re eligible for great early bird rewards. Again, thank you. It’s been an amazing year and we can’t wait to share another one with you!

More information coming soon!!!

Training Guide

View the Training Guide to check out all the great outdoor and indoor trainings coming soon around the Council!

Troop Leader Reappointment

Get reappointed to your troop leader/assistant leader position in 4 easy steps!

For assistance, contact customer care at 304-345-7722

Troop Transaction Spreadsheet

This year, in addition to being able to submit through the VTK, we are providing a Troop Transaction Spreadsheet for troops to keep track of all income and expenses, which will automatically compile the financial section of your end of the year paperwork for you. You can then transfer the total over to either the Volunteer Toolkit, the online webform or to the printable PDF or paper copies. This is a running record, similar to a checkbook, whereas the Volunteer Tool Kit, webform,PDF and paper versions are all snapshots at the time of submission. We will be updating this spreadsheet every year, so that it will be up to date with all reporting requirements.

Volunteer Appeals

Black Diamond offers volunteers the opportunity to submit an appeal if they are dissatisfied with a decision made regarding their participation with, or removal from, the organization. Volunteers wishing to make an appeal can do so within 30 business days of receiving notification.

  • All appeals must be submitted by the affected party.
  • All decisions remain in effect during the appeal process.
  • The CEO will make a final determination regarding the appeal within 30 days.
  • Written notification of the decisions will be sent to the volunteer.
  • All decisions are final.


Volunteer Essentials
Volunteer/Parent Grievance
Volunteer Policies

In December 2017, our GSBDC Board of Directors approved the new Policies for Girl Scout Volunteers Handbook. The policies within this handbook were officially implemented on April 1, 2018.

The Volunteer Policy Committee began work in September 2016 to minimize the risk to the council, staff, volunteers and members by ensuring that our policies for Girl Scout volunteers:

  • Communicate the values and expectations of the organization.
  • Keep the organization in compliance with legislation.
  • Support consistent treatment of volunteers.
  • Help management within the organization to make decisions that are consistent, uniform and predictable.
  • Protect the individuals and the organization from the pressures of making decisions based on convenience.

You’ll notice that this handbook does not include any of the forms and documents relevant to our operational policies and procedures. In order to ensure that our volunteers have the most current version of forms and documents, we are providing them electronically. If you are viewing the handbook electronically, you can access forms via the links provided through the document. If you are unable to access the online forms for any reason, we will be happy to email or mail one to you. You can contact our Customer Care Team to make a request.

Lastly, you’ll find a volunteer agreement in the back of this handbook. This document should be signed at returned. You can either send a hard copy or complete it electronically. Our risk and yours is lowered as you become familiar with our policies and girls have a safer, better experience, as well. Please read the handbook and then revisit this tool as an on-demand reference, when needed.

Volunteer Position Agreements

Each volunteer position is unique and has its own set of requirements and expectations and each year, we require that all positions read and sign a document that outlines their volunteer position.

These forms will allow you to pick your position(s) and read all the information on those positions on one document. At the bottom, you will complete a short form and submit it to council. The signed form will be attached to your record with our council, as well as emailed to you as a PDF that you can save and print if needed.

If you only hold TROOP Position(s): This form will allow you to pick your Troop Level Position(s) and read all the information on those positions.

If you only hold SERVICE UNIT positions: This form will allow you to pick your Service Unit Level Position(s) and read all the information on those positions.

If you hold BOTH SERVICE UNIT and TROOP positions, you will need to fill out the Troop Form AND the Service Unit Form.

Volunteer Trainer Interest Form

Please use this form to let our Volunteer Resource Manager know that you are interested in becoming a Council Volunteer Trainer!

Volunteer Toolkit

Check out our Volunteer Toolkit!