Cookies on the Go

January 4 & 11, March 8 & 15

Go Mobile! Cookies on the Go is an opportunity for a troop or individual girl to take their sales on the road by creating a Girl Scout Cookie Mobile. Create your own Cookie Mobile by decorating a wagon, sled, car or van and hitting the road or sidewalk.

Go door-to-door in your neighborhood selling cookies and have actual boxes of cookies in hand, just like you do for a booth sale. Remember to have an adult present at all times!
Walkabouts are designed to help girls increase sales and reach goals. Customers will have ready access to the cookies they love and girls will get a taste of how fun and easy it is to add physical activity into their everyday lives!

In a recent national study, 35% of consumers said they preferred to buy cookies at home. 19% stated that they purchased cookies last year, but weren’t asked this year and 78% of those who were not asked stated they would have purchased 2-4 boxes of cookies.

Safety is the number one priority when participating in Cookies on the Go. Be sure to follow the safety guidelines at all times.