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Fall Product Sale


About the Fall Product Sale
The Fall Product Sale encourages growth in leadership skills by helping girls develop the five skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

During the Fall Product Sale, girls participate in selling nuts, candy, and magazines, all of which go a long way to help with troop start-up funds.  The Fall Product Sale is a simple, fun introduction to Girl Scout product sales!

To participate, girls need to sign-up and create an account through our online vendor, M2M Media. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about joining the Fall Product Program.


Proceeds & Rewards
Troops earn $0.85 on each nut/candy item sold and 15% on magazine sales.  For online sales, troops earn 15%, which includes nut/candy and magazines!

As always, all rewards earned during the Fall Product Sale are cumulative.  Check out the 2017 patches and rewards!

Important Dates

  • September 22: Fall Product Sale officially begins
  • October 20: Fall Product Sale order taking ends
  • November 8-15: Nut and candy items are delivered
  • End of November: Reward items are shipped

Reach for S'more

  • BlackDiamondCouncil
  • After such a sweet success with the special 100th Anniversary Cookie Patch, there will be a special 2018 patch as well! M2 is offering a special edition of their Me2 avatar patch.

    Girls qualify for the patch by sending 12 e-mails and selling 250 boxes during the 2017 Cookie Sale. The girl must complete criteria from each sale in order to receive the patch. This patch will be mailed directly to girls after completion of the 2018 Cookie Season.

New Training Resources

New this year, the Product Team is uploading recorded webinars for you to watch at your convenience. These modules are intended as a resource for volunteers. These modules will update you on the latest information about the sale.
There is even a module for parents and girls to watch to get them excited and show them how to use the M2 Online Program. These modules can be viewed one at a time or all at once!

Fall Product Webinar Modules

New this year, these modules will update you on the latest information about the sale. These modules can be viewed one at a time or all at once!


Module 1: Getting Started

Running the Fall Sale can seem overwhelming – but this video breaks down each part of the program, goes over all dates and deadlines, and walks you through managing your sale – you’ll see how easy earning money for your troop really is.


Module 2: M2 Online Program

What is M2, and what does that mean for you? We'll cover the ins and outs of M2—the online program girls can use to sell fall product! This webinar is focused towards girls and caregivers.


Module 3: Launching the Sale

You've got the basics down, and now it's time to sell those magazines, nuts, and candies! Yum! Watch this module for a detailed explanation on launching your sale.


Module 4: Entering/Verifying Orders

See how to enter and verify Fall Product orders through the M2 Online Program and get ready for product delivery!


Module 5: Product Reward/Delivery

Learn about what happens after the sale ends: getting ready for product delivery and girl rewards!


Module 6: Wrapping Up

You did it! Here's everything you need to know about wrapping up the Fall Product Program and organizing your finances. Covers proceeds, finance, outstanding debt, running reports, and more!

  • Watch recording (coming soon)
  • Download (and print) presentation (coming soon)

Delicious New Products

For the 2017 Fall Product Sale, we've kept customer and volunteer feedback in mind and are introducing two new products. This year, we'll have milk chocolate covered almonds and salt & pepper cashews! As a reminder, there's a huge assortment of items available on each girl's online store so if you don't see what you were hoping to find on the order card, make sure to check online!

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Our Partners

We are excited to enter our second year of partnership with M2 Media Group and Trophy Nut! We are committed to continue to collaborate with both companies and make the Fall Product Sale experience better each year!

Girls will registered to participate in the Fall Product Program through the M2Media portal to get in on the fun.

Care to Share!

Returning This Year Care to Share! 

This program gives girls the opportunity to support our military troops by collecting donations that go towards purchasing and delivering nuts and candies to local military organizations. Providing a taste of home has never been so sweet! Girls with five or more Treats for Troops orders will earn a special patch!

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