Our Leadership Message

To maintain our role as the premier leadership experience for girls in our jurisdiction, Girl Scouts of Black Diamond is focusing our resources on the challenges we face in engaging past, present and future Girl Scouts in becoming inspiring, visionary leaders in the community.

Our Winning Proposition
Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council will connect girls to a world of possibilities to create, dream and make a difference.

Our Customer Focus

Our customer focus will be on girls in grades kindergarten through seven with an emphasis on troop support for grades K – 3 and retention/recruitment for grades four through seven.

Our Priorities

The Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council has a rich, 37 year history of offering a quality leadership program to girls; however, the organization currently faces several challenges that may affect future growth.  These challenges include a sharp drop-off in girl membership after the third grade, a declining population in the communities serviced, and a lack of diversified funding.  Additionally, the Council faces ineffective volunteer processes that do not engage potential adult members and a lack of understanding in the community at large of our impact.  Significant and bold changes are required in order for Black Diamond Council to be able to continue to meet the needs of girls in West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia and Maryland.

To deliver on our winning proposition, we will focus on five key priorities:

1.        Develop girl-relevant program experiences

2.       Provide consistent, strategic marketing and communication.

3.       Increase and diversify revenue streams and community resources

4.      Enhance our volunteer program to provide a fun, flexible experience

5.       Align our board, staff, volunteers and resources to be a data-driven council that supports flexible and innovative strategy in a culture of service.

By concentrating on the leadership benefits that girls receive in Girl Scouting and telling that Girl Scout Story to parents and guardians, funders and the community, Black Diamond will create an environment where adults want to volunteer for Girl Scouts; individuals and businesses want to invest resources in Girl Scouting; and parents and guardians really understand the positive impact Girl Scouting makes in their child’s life.

We are dedicated to simplifying our volunteer process and cultivating our alumnae to allow more adults to become the best possible leaders, and active in reaching out confidently for financial resources that will help girls reach their goals and have the opportunities they deserve.

Black Diamond needs your support and encouragement as we re-energize a great movement that is already in place and become a more competitive, empowered organization that makes a lifelong impact on the girls in our area.