Volunteer Position Descriptions


Volunteers are the heart of Girl Scouting  and their interests, expertise and time availability is wide and varied.  We offer opportunities to work directly or indirectly with girls or  both. Pathway offerings allow for various time commitments of weekly,  once a month, weekends, evenings or a specific event. Look at the  Position Descriptions listed below to see what sparks your interest!

To view a variety of opportunities for upcoming events, special occasions, and celebrations please check out our page at volunteermatch.com!  This site will be updated periodically so be sure to check back often for new, fresh, and fun opportunities.



Adult Education and Certifications

First Aider - Level 1
Learning Facilitator
Outdoor Education Committee Chair
Outdoor Education Committee Member
Outdoor Education Committee Secretary

Awards Committees

Gold Award Committee Member

Camp Pathway

Activity Specialist
Aquatics Waterfront Director
Aquatics Waterfront Staff
Assistant Unit Leader
Camp Director
Camp Program Director
Camp Registrar Business Manager
Unit Leader

Event and Series Pathways

Event and Series Program Coordinator
Events and Series Program Liaison

Recruitment and Retention Committee

Recruitment and Retention Chair
Recruitment and Retention Secretary

Service Team

Service Unit Administrator
Service Unit Cookie Booth Coordinator
Service Unit Education Coordinator
Service Unit Event Coordinator
Service Unit Fall Product Chair
Service Unit Registrar
Service Unit Secretary
Service Unit Treasurer
Service Unit Troop Organizer
Service Unit Publicist


Travel Pathway

Lead Trip Advisor
Travel Pathway Committee Member
Trip Advisor

Troop Pathway

Troop Cookie Chair
Troop Driver - Maryland
Troop Driver - Ohio
Troop Driver - Virginia
Troop Driver - West Virginia
Troop Fall Product Chair

Troop Leader/Co-Leader
Troop Registrar
Troop Treasurer