Discovering Black Diamond

Self-study training

This training gives you information about the structure of GSBDC, support systems available to you as a Girl Scout volunteer, as well as history, tradition and the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. You will also receive helpful hints and resources available from GSBDC. Additionally, safety information will be covered in this training. All Girl Scout volunteers in a leadership position are required to take this training.

You may choose to complete this training by viewing the online video or by downloading and reading the self-study PDF file.


Option 1: View the online videos below. There two videos for this training. You must view both to complete the training.  Open the link to the learning log.  You will be asked to complete a registration form before being re-directed to the learning log.  You may find it helpful to have your learning log open so you can answer questions on the quiz as you view the video. You may pause or rewind the video as necessary. You will need to either download Volunteer Essentials, or have a printed copy available to complete the Safety-Wise portion of the training. Submit the learning log for training credit. We also suggest that you have a pen/pencil and notepaper available to make notes of any page references to Volunteer/Council Essentials or webpages throughout the video trainings.

Discovering Black Diamond Part One

Discovering Black Diamond Part Two

Option 2: Download the self-study PDF. Read the material provided. When instructed to do so, open the link to the learning log and complete the program portion of the quiz. Continue reading the material in the self-study. You will be directed to pages in Volunteer Essentials for Safety-Wise information. You may download Volunteer Essentials below. After reading the indicated pages, return to your learning log and complete the Safety-Wise portion of the quiz. Sumit your learning log for training credit.

Discovering Black Diamond Self-Study (pdf)

Self-Study learning log

Volunteer Essentials

Volunteer Policies
In order to complete the GSBDC Orientation self-study training option, a “Chat with Your Membership Development Coordinator” must occur. The contact information you provide at the end of the Self-Study Guide will be passed on to your local Membership Development Coordinator. She will contact you to complete the chat. This chat provides an opportunity for Girl Scout volunteers to ask questions and receive an immediate response from an experienced staff member. The Membership Development Coordinator will follow a checklist during your discussion to ensure that you received the full benefit of the self-study. When the chat is completed, the Membership Development Coordinator will notify Black Diamond, and the volunteer will be notified by either e-mail or postcard that the self-study has been completed. . 
To receive printed copies of the Discovering Black Diamond Self-study, please email Becky Pack with your request.