Additional Trainings

Required Certification Courses

For the safety of both girls and volunteers, some activities require extra training which results in certification. Check the training schedule to find a course near you, or send in the training request form to schedule a training in your area.

First Aid/Adult-Infant-Child CPR

This learning opportunity is not organized by Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council. This certification is required for travel beyond the meeting place. Contact your local hospital, fire department or American Red Cross chapter to arrange a training in your community. 

Online training courses are not accepted unless they also contain a face-to-face meeting with an instructor to ascertain the participant's skill level. 

Self-Study Certification Courses

Camping In 

This course is required in order to hold overnight activities with a troop. It is also a prerequiste to Camping Out. Camping In is available as a self-study online or paper copy. The receive certification in Camping In, the Camping In Activity Specialist Certification Request must be completed and submitted.

Camping In Online Self Study

Camping In Activity Specialist Certification Request

To request a copy of Camping-In, contact Cindy Moffatt at 800-756-7616.  

Fire Building

Would you like to build a simple campfire with your troop that does not involve outdoor cooking? By completing the self-study below, you will be certified to build a fire with your troop/group. Download the self-study PDF, review the information in the booklet, then complete and submit the Fire building Activity Specialist Certification form. You will receive an activity specialist card in the mail within four weeks.

Fire Building Self-study PDF

Fire Building Activity Specialist Certification Request

For further information, please e-mail Becky Pack.  

Outdoor Certification Courses

Camping Out                                                                                               

Do you want to take girls camping in the great outdoors? This course gives you the knowledge and skills to camp in a tent, cook meals over an open fire, and practice Leave No Trace camping techniques. You will learn to appreciate the outdoors and pass the love of nature on to the girls. Camping In is a prerequisite for Camping Out. This course is required to take a troop on an overnight camping trip which involves sleeping in tents. Certification in Outdoor Cooking and Fire Building is also included in this course.

Find a Camping Out course near you! Go to our Training Schedule page.


Outdoor Cooking

From making a box oven to cooking bacon and eggs in a paper bag! Ever make an egg on a stick? Learn some novelty ways of cooking that is cool and fun for all ages This course is required to cook outdoors with a troop.


Everything you need to know to teach your girls archery. This course is required to perform archery activities with a troop.


The basic course for entry-level adults who would lie to be qualified to take girls canoeing on non-moving or slow moving sheltered waters (small lakes and ponds). This course is required to take a troop canoeing.


Learn the basics of taking your group hiking. Find out what gear you will need, how to plan a hiking trip, safety and emergency procedures. This course is a must for any troop/group who plans to hike. This course is required to take a troop on a hike which involves more than a simple walk around the neighborhood.


During this course, you will learn what to take along, what to leave behind and how to pack it, the importance of proper footwear, and the mechanics involved in backpacking. This workshop will teach you how to backpack safely with respect for the environment. "Leave No Trace" principles are incorporated while demonstrating the use of all equipment needed for an enjoyable adventure. Learn how to layer your clothes for the weather, what to eat, how to cook it on a stove, where to put your tent and how to feel confident about it all. The class will incorporate a hike where you will be able to make use of your newly acquired skills.This course is required to take a troop on a lengthy Backpacking venture which often involves camping overnight.