Training & Development

Training information for all volunteers

We know you’re taking time out of your busy schedule to lend your talents to our organization.  Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council recognizes that the foundation of a successful Girl Scout program depends upon trained adult volunteers. Training strengthens your commitment as a Girl Scout volunteer and enables you to feel more comfortable in your position.

Our trainings will strengthen your commitment as a Girl Scout Volunteer and enable you to feel more comfortable in your position; ensuring that both you and your girls will have a rewarding and valuable experience.    





Basic Orientation Training for New Volunteers
Basic orientation training for new volunteers is provided through online videos or downloadable PDFs. By completing required trainings, you will have the necessary tools to help girls become tomorrow’s leaders. This is the starting point for new Troop Leaders, too!  Training for all volunteers
Supplemental Girl Scout Leadership Experience Training If you would like to enrich your Girl Scout Leadership Experience by adding supplemental trainings, we have a selection of online video enrichment trainings from which you may choose. Online Video Trainings
Additional trainings and Certifications
For the safety of both girls and volunteers, some activities require extra training which results in certification. Visit our additional training page to find out what activities require certification and how to get certified. This page also includes Camping In and Fire Building self-studies. Additional Trainings Page

Upcoming in-person and webinar trainings
Would you like to have more training to help you enrich your troop's Girl Scout experience? Find a full listing of webinars and in-person trainings here.   Training Schedule

Is there a training you would like to see as a classroom training in your area? Do you have ideas for future webinars? We want to hear from you! Complete and submit the training request form to request a training in your area or suggest future webinars or self-studies. All upcoming trainings may be found on the training schedule page.