Policies and Procedures

Girl Scouts of Black Diamond abides by the policies and standards of Girl Scouts of the USA as set forth in the Blue Book of Basic Documents and Safety-Wise policies and activity checkpoints.  A policy is a binding course of action established by the Board of Directors to be followed in a recurring situation.  A standard is an established model for example.  A policy states what must be done; a standard is a guide for doing it well.

Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Volunteer Policies are effective as of May 15, 2011.  Other information helpful for volunteers can be found in Volunteer Essentials, which is required reading for all Black Diamond Council Volunteers. 

Volunteer Grievances

A volunteer grievance is a complaint regarding the application of the volunteer policies and procedures. The grievance process is set up for handling these complaints in an orderly and fair manner. All adults should seek resolution to problems through open communications and informal discussions.

Differences in opinions, work styles, or personalities often cause disagreements and grievances between two people or among groups of people, whether the individuals hold volunteer positions or council staff positions. Black Diamond encourages volunteers to tell their story, using the Volunteer Grievance Procedure. Whenever possible, we ask that adults strive to resolve problems informally and confidentially.

However, if an informal attempt at resolution fails, a volunteer may choose a formal method such as a volunteer grievance procedure. Council staff or volunteers should not criticize or penalize a volunteer for filing a grievance form and initiating the formal grievance procedure. For the volunteer grievance procedure to work, all parties must want it to work; its success is mutually beneficial to the council and volunteer.

Volunteer Grievance Form