Junior SWAPS


Candy Corn

Supplies: Craft foam (orange, yellow, white), glue, pins, wiggly eyes (2 each), marker

Instructions: Cut the orange foam in the shape of a corn kernel. Cut 1 piece each of white & yellow to fit across the top & bottom (1 color each). Glue white and yellow onto orange foam. Add eyes and draw mouth with marker. Put pin on back.


Dunk Bag

Supplies: netting, yarn, yarn needle or bobby pin, woodsies (1 – 1 ½”circles), markers, paint or stain, safety pin

Instructions: cut a small circle out of netting about 3” wide. Attach yarn to needle or bobby pin and thread through netting. Before pulling tight have girls paint, stain or use markers to color the small circles of wood. Put the “plates” inside the netting, pull tight and tie a knot. Attach safety pin.


Hanging Around

Supplies: chenille stems, safety pins (4 each), wooden beads (3 each), markers, scissors

Instructions: Draw face on each bead. Thread onto safety pin. Cut chenille stem, thread hole of safety pin onto chenille stem & shape into a hanger. Attach extra safety pin & label.


Holiday Tree

Supplies: green chenille stems, colored pompoms, plastic rhinestones or sequins, gold stars, glue, scissors, pin back.

Instructions: Bend green chenille stems into a Christmas tree outline. Glue little pompoms or sequins on the points and a star on the top. Glue on pin back.


Make New Friends

Supplies: safety pins (gold or silver), beads (gold or silver), construction paper/cardstock/foam, markers, pins

Instructions: Have girls make tags with "Make New Friends" song verse. Poke a hole through and put it on safety pin. Then add beads. Use gold beads with silver safety pin and silver beads with gold safety pin.


Mini Bouquet

Supplies: Plastic thimbles or communion cups, craft foam, chenille stems, buttons, pins, glue gun and scissors

Instructions: Cut flower tops from foam. Poke hole in middle for chenille stem. Thread top end through buttonholes and bend to hold. Cover bottom of "vase" with hot glue & add flowers. Attach pin & label when dry.


Orange Message

Supplies: orange pompoms, green foam, white strips of paper, pin back, glue, scissors

Instructions: Cut out a green leaf shape from the foam. Glue it onto the orange pompom to look like an orange. Have the girls write the message “Orange you glad to be a Girl Scout” on the white paper strip. Next glue the strip onto the pompom. When everything has dried glue the pompom onto a pin back to hang.


Root Beer Float

Supplies: mini plastic cups (communion cups), pins, glue gun, large pompoms (brown & white), small pompoms (red), coffee stirrers, scissors

Instructions: Cut coffee stirrers to just stick out over top of "glass". Cover bottom of "glass" with hot glue. Add brown pompom, stirrer on the side, more glue, then white pompom. Top off with a little more glue, then red pompom. Attach pin & label.


Scuba Mask

Supplies: craft foam (any color), flexible straws, wiggle eyes, glue, permanent marker, hole punch, ribbon, scissors

Instructions: Cut oval shape from foam. Punch hole in each side Outline edges of mask with permanent marker. Stick eyes on mask. Tie length of ribbon through each hole-around back. Cut straw, with bend, for mouthpiece. Glue to back. Attach pin & label.


Trail Sign

Supplies: one 2" square green fun foam, small rocks and/or sticks, tacky glue, flat back or regular safety pin, tag

Instructions: Glue sticks or rocks unto the fun foam square in the shape of a trail sign. An example is to use sticks to make an arrow or use a circle of rocks with one rock in the middle to symbolize the 'trail stops here' trail sign. You can choose to use a regular safety pin and pin the corner, or a flat back pin on the back. Add the tag to the pin.