Button Daisy

Supplies: 7 small white buttons, 1 larger yellow button (can be white), glue, pins

Instructions: Glue the buttons together, with 6 around the outside and 1 in the center. Take the larger button and glue to the center. Add the pin on back.


Chenille Candy Cane

Supplies: red and white chenille stems, pin back, scissors, glue

Instructions: Cut the chenille stems to 1 ½  to 3 inches depending on the size that you want the candy cane to be. Twist red and white chenille stems together and bend into a candy cane shape. Glue on pin back or hang a red ribbon on it.


Daisy Flower

Supplies: colored construction paper or foam (the color of the daisy petals), safety pin or pin backs, scissors, glue.

Instructions: Have girls cut out two inch long daisy petals all different colors and the daisy center, (depending on the girls, the shapes may need to be pre-drawn or pre-cut). Cover the back of the daisy center with glue and place the petal ends on the glue to form a daisy flower. Glue a pin back in the center of the daisy flower or pin one of the petals with a safety pin to hang.


Daisy Stones

Supplies: clear stones (decorative glass), pins, glue, scissors, printed daisy pictures (or girls could draw their own).

Instructions: Cut out the daisy pictures to fit the size of the stones, or slightly larger. Glue picture to the flat bottom of stone. Attach pin.


Clothespin Caterpillar

Supplies: glue, pompoms, wiggly eyes, clothespin (1 per girl), chenille stems

Instructions: Take a regular wooden clothespin & glue two pompoms next to one another at the clip end on the front side (the front is the end you don't squeeze to open the pin). Pick your pompom size so the pompoms cover the flat surface of the clothespin. Add 1 wiggle eye each to the first and second pompom. Glue on a 2" piece of pipe cleaner folded in a "V" for the antennae. Write troop number on the bottom of the pin. The pin itself clips on so you don't need a safety pin.

Girl Scout Cap

Supplies: green craft foam, green pompoms, glue, scissors, pin back or safety pin

Instructions: Give each girl a small piece of green craft foam and have them cut out a small baseball cap shape. Next have each girl glue a green pompom on top with the rounded ball cap edge sticking out. Girls can make a tag and glue it to the cap if they would like. Finally glue the pin back onto the bottom of the cap or hang the swap with a safety pin.


Girl Scout Sparkle

Supplies: glitter, clear packing tape, printer paper, computer

Instructions: Print out "GIRL SCOUTS SPARKLE" and your troop number in a nice small font. Have the girl’s cut them into a small circle shape (about 1" in diameter). Then pull out about 6" of clear packing tape and sprinkle 1/2 of it with sparkle confetti. Put message face down on the un-sprinkled half and fold the tape on top of itself and it self-seals. Then cut around the circles.


Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Supplies: scissors, glue, pins, craft foam (light brown-pb, white or dark brown-bread, purple or red-jelly)

Instructions: Cut bread shapes from white or dark brown foam. Cut "blobs" from light brown and purple/red. Glue together all 4 pieces, attach pin & troop number label.