Cadette, Senior & Ambassador SWAPS


Flip Flops

Supplies: craft foam (any color), scissors, chenille stems, pony beads, glue, pins

Instructions: Cut oval ("flip flop) shapes from foam. Cut small length of chenille stems & bend in "U" shape. Cover with beads. Glue to foam. Attach pin & label.


Girl Scout Law Beads

Supplies: length of plastic lanyard or cording, beads, Law printed out and laminated, pin

Instructions: Make a knot at one end of plastic lanyard or cording, add beads in the following order from knot: lavender, light pink, green, magenta, purple, orange, red, spring green, yellow, light blue. Make a loop and knot the top adding The Girl Scout Law before making the final knot. Add pin.

I will do my best to be
   honest and fair, (light blue)
   friendly and helpful, (yellow)
   considerate and caring, (spring green)
   courageous and strong, and (red)
   responsible for what I say and do and to, (orange)
and to
   respect myself and others, (purple)
   respect authority, (magenta)
   use resources wisely, (green)
   make the world a better place, (light pink)
   and be a sister to every Girl Scout. (lavender)


Girl Scout Transfusion

Supplies: green food coloring, water, glue gun, small plastic bottles, plastic lacing, pins, labels, green pen/marker

Instructions: Mix food coloring and water; put in bottle. Use glue gun to stop up bottle. Tie/glue plastic lacing around top of bottle. Add pin. On label write "Girl Scout Transfusion" in green ink.


Got Cookies?

Supplies: straws, glue, pins, cotton balls, plastic thimbles/cups-communion cups, printed strips (Got Cookies?)

Instructions: Glue one cotton ball to bottom of cup. Add strip to inside. Glue other cotton balls until "glass" is full. Add straw on side. Attach pin & label.


Mardi Gras

Supplies: card stock/felt/foam, glitter/sequins, feathers, ribbon, pins, coffee stir stick

Instructions: Cut mask shapes from card stock/felt/foam. Glue on a coffee stir stick to one side. Use glitter, sequins, feathers, ribbons, etc. to decorate masks. Add pin to the back with tag.


Pepperoni Pizza

Supplies: glue, scissors, pins, craft foam (brown, red, white, yellow)

Instructions: Cut round "crust" from brown foam. Cut "shredded cheese" from yellow & white foam. Cut a small red circles for pepperoni. Glue cheese & pepperoni onto crust. Attach pin & label.


Summer Fun Sand Bucket

Supplies: pins, soda bottle lids, scissors, glue, plastic lacing, craft foam, sand, cotton balls

Instructions: Glue cotton ball to bottom inside of lid. Cover with glue and then sand. Cut shovel shape from foam. Glue to top of sand. Cut handle from lacing & glue to sides of lid. Attach pin & label.


Toilet Paper Roll

Supplies: string, ½  inch piece of drinking straw, toilet paper cut to size of straw, glue, pencil, pin, tag

Instructions: Glue toilet paper around the piece of straw, rapping a couple of times and leaving an end hanging. Put string through the straw and using the two ends tie a square knot at the top. Add a pin. Add the tag to the pin.


Troop T-Shirts

Supplies: craft foam, mini clothes pins, small tipped markers or pens, any other decorations (glitter, sequins etc.), safety pins

Instructions: Have the girls cut out a small t-shirt shape out of craft foam. Next have them decorate the T-shirt however they would like, including the troop number and where the troop is from. Give each girl 2 mini clothes pins to hang off of the shoulders of the mini t-shirt. Attach a safety-pin to the shirt.