Brownie SWAPS


Bed Rolls

Supplies: Two different color pieces felt 2" x 4”, 2 pieces of yarn (5-6" in length), Safety pin, glue

Instructions: Lay the pieces of felt on top of each other. Roll them up tight. Tie with yarn at both ends. Attach pin with glue.


Birthday Blowers

Supplies: colored paper, straws, glue (hot or tacky), pin backs

Instructions: Cut straws into about 1 ½ inch pieces. Next cut strips of paper about 1 inch wide and 3 inches long. Using a pencil, roll the paper strips tightly around the pencil. Put one drop of tacky glue on one end of the inside of the straw. Place the strip of paper in the straw. It should look like a birthday blower. Girls can write there troop number and any special note on the inside of the paper strip.


Fall Leaves

Supplies: small twigs, fall colored construction paper or craft foam, yarn, glue, scissors, pin backs

Instructions: Have the girls go outside and find small dry twigs on the ground. Tie the twigs together with yarn so that they stick out at the top like a mini tree. Have the girls cut out mini leaf shapes of all different fall colors. Glue the leaves onto the twigs to make mini trees with fall leaves. Have the girls make a tag and glue the pin backs on or tie extra yarn to hang the trees.


Felt Stockings

Supplies: red and green felt, cotton balls, glue, scissors, pin back, red or green ribbon, hole punch

Instructions: Cut tiny stockings out of red or green felt. Glue bits of cotton on the top for trim. Make a hole with the hole punch and tie a small piece of ribbon though the corner of the stocking to hang. Glue on pin back or stick a safety pin through the ribbon. Add troop number or name.


Fly Swatter

Supplies: color plastic canvas, scissors, glue, pins, popsicle sticks (colored or plain & color with markers), plastic flies (if desired)

Instructions: Cut each stick in half. Cut a small square from the plastic canvas. Glue the plastic canvas to the top of the stick. Glue on a fly if desired. Attach pin & label.



Supplies: red soda bottle cap, square of black plastic canvas, red pony beads, pin back

Instructions: Glue red pony beads in cap as "coals". Glue the plastic canvas to top as "grate", add pin back.


Pet Rock Collection

Supplies: pins, scissors, glue, permanent marker, craft foam (any color), aquarium gravel

Instructions: Cut a small square from foam. Pick out several pieces of gravel & glue to foam. Label "My Pet Rocks". Attach pin to back & label with name, troop, etc.


Rainbow Cloud

Supplies: white foam, glue/glue gun, pin, chenille stems (rainbow colors), pencil/pen/marker

Instructions: Trace a cloud shape on the white foam and cut in out. Cut the pipe cleaners to fit and bend in arches. Glue together onto the cloud. Attach the pin to the back.



Supplies: black pompoms, black chenille stems, wiggly eyes (2 each), glue, pins

Instructions: Cut the chenille stems into equal parts so that each spider has eight legs. Curl each leg end slightly. Twist the ends together and glue to bottom of pompom. Stick on eyes and add pin to the back.