Daisy Activities


Promise Duck-Duck-Goose Game

All girls sit in a circle. "It" walks around the circle tapping each girl on the head. As a girl is tapped she has to say the next word in the Promise; if she gets the word wrong, or hesitates too long to remember the word, then she jumps up from her spot and runs around the circle in the opposite direction from "it." The first person back to the empty spot sits down and the standee is the new "it." If there are no wrong words or hesitations, the running takes place on the word "law."


Learning the Girl Scout Promise

Supplies: construction paper (skin tones & green), yellow card stock, glue, scissors, markers

Instructions: Have each girl trace her hand on the skin tone construction paper and cut it out. Bend the thumb and pinky together and glue. Cut the green construction paper in a trefoil shape and write the promise on it. You might want to copy the promise onto the green paper before the meeting Glue the hand and the trefoil onto the yellow card stock. Girls can put their names on the back. Discuss the meaning of the Girl Scout Promise while the girls are working. The girls can take these home to practice the Girl Scout Promise.

Birthday Cupcakes

Decorate birthday cupcakes to celebrate Juliette Gordon Low's birthday (the founder of Girl Scouting). Girls can either eat the cupcakes or donate them to a local nursing home or shelter.

Giggle Gertie Game

Supplies: handkerchief

Instructions: Girls get in a circle with one girl in the center. The one in the center laughs and tosses the handkerchief in the air. The whole group laughs. Everyone must laugh until the handkerchief hits the ground. Then everyone must become silent and expressionless. Anyone still smiling or laughing is out.

Magic Tunnel Good Night

Girls line up at the door in pairs, joining hands and making an arch. Each pair goes through the arch to the door, starting with the pair farthest away. As the girls are leaving they say "Good Night Girl Scouts."


Girls line up and a sentence relating to Girl Scouts is whispered in the first girl's ear. The sentence is passed down the line until it reaches the end. The last girl says it out loud. See how much the message changed!

Orange Passing (relay)

Supplies: 1 orange per team

Instructions: Divide girls into at least two teams. The girl at the beginning of the line holds an orange under her chin. The orange is passed to the next person - under her chin - without using any hands. If the orange is dropped while passing, that person starts again. The first team to reach the end of the line wins.

Pass the Ball

Sit on the floor and roll the ball back & forth in the group while singing:

Little ball, roll along, slowly on your way.
Pass it while we sing this song,
& this game we play.
When at last our song is done,
we will look to see
Which one of us has the ball,
Oh, who will it be?

Whoever has the ball at end of the song is out; continue until 1 girl is left or girls are tired of playing/singing.

Scavenger Hunt

This is a great activity to do with the girls to get them ready for camp! Make your own scavenger hunt list. Instead of a written list, use pictures of different leaves, animals or anything you would find in a campground. Always go with a buddy.

Shaving Cream Snowman

This activity is messy but very fun for the girls. Cover a large table with a plastic table cloth. Spray shaving cream all over the table and have the girls make snowmen. Be sure to tell them to wear old clothes that day! Clean up is easy and it smells great!

Sheep and Hyena Game

played in Sudan

One girl is designated as the Sheep and one girl is designated the Hyena. The remaining players join hands and form a tight circle. The Hyena stays outside the circle; the Sheep stays inside the circle. The players in the circle have to try to keep the Hyena from getting to the Sheep. The game ends when the Hyena either breaks through the circle or gives up.

Spot the Lion

played in Africa

Supplies: masking tape/self-stick labels, scissors, pen/marker

Instructions: Cut strips of masking tape or have labels for each girl. Write "lion" on one and leave the rest blank. Designate a game leader and divide the girls into even teams. Assign each team a home corner/base. By the leader's signal the players scatter and then stand still with their eyes shut. The game leader runs to each player and presses a strip on her back. After all girls are labeled the leader shouts, "The lion is loose!" Players open their eyes and run around trying to spot the lion. As each does so she runs back to her team base without alerting the lion. If a player thinks that she is the lion, she should go to the middle of the room and roar loudly. When hearing the roar, the other players should freeze. If the "roar" is correct the game is over; if not, it continues for one minute. Whichever team has the most girls in their corner at the end wins.


Place two objects on the ground about 20 feet away from each other (depending on number of girls). Girls will make a solid line, holding hands, between the objects. They have to stretch farther and farther to reach the objects as the leader increases the distance between the objects.

Throwing the Smile

Sit in a circle where everyone can see each other. One person is 'it'. 'It' smiles widely and everyone else is somber. 'It" uses her hand to wipe off her smile and throws it to another player who has to catch the smile and put it on. Repeat to someone else. The only person who can smile is 'it'. Everyone else is stone faced. Anyone who laughs, smiles, smirks, etc. when not 'it' is out.

Treasure Hunt Camping Game

Wrap a prize girls can share. Hide the prize within the boundaries of the play area. Draw a map of the play area. Draw the trees, rocks and anything significant in that area. Draw an X over the spot where you hid the prize. Draw footsteps or arrows to indicate the path the girls are to take to find the prize. Other variations include leaving them clues to direct them to various locations throughout the area to ultimately find the prize.