Cadette, Senior & Ambassador Activities


Blind Hike

Pair campers up; blindfold one - the other will carefully lead her on the prepared trail. Activities on this type of hike use the senses of touching, smelling, & hearing. Make sure area is free of all hazards.

Build a Model Campsite

Brainstorm with the girls for a list of everything they might find at camp. Write the list on a large sheet of paper. Include everything: tents, camp buildings, flag pole, waterfront, boats, campfire, trees, rocks, grass, raccoons, campers, etc. Next have the girls, either individually or by patrols, volunteer to make specific items on the list. Have available scraps of construction paper, fabric, craft sticks, cardboard, twigs, glue, play dough, paint, yarn, scissors, and so on. The girls create the objects, then glue them on a piece of plywood (18x24 inches or 45x60 cm. is a good size). This makes a great display for an end of the year banquet. This activity could be done over two weeks....brainstorm one week, build the next.

Digital Pictures Car Rally

Each carload will need a digital camera. Give them a list of scenes where they must take a group photograph. Examples: By a fountain, by a pay phone, with a police officer, on a slide. The list should contain 10 - 12 items. Adults drive or items can be within walking distance.

Fashion Fitness Workshop

Have Mary Kay/Avon etc. come and explain make-up, color, cleansing, etc. Get an zumba/exercise teacher come to teach fitness. Have the girls create their own style using recycled materials and hold a mini- fashion show!

Fording the Stream (Scotland)

Supplies: ball, tape or other items to mark the edges of the stream.

Instructions: A “stream” 10 feet wide is marked out with tape or other items. The players are divided into two teams or more than two if the group is large. All teams are on one side of the river. The leader puts the ball in play by throwing it high in the air. Whoever catches it before it touches the ground shares its magic properties and is able to walk across the river. From the other side she throws the ball back across the river to one of her own teammates while members of the other team try to intervene. If no one catches the ball before it touches the ground, the leader puts it in play again. Anyone stepping into the stream in the excitement of the games, loses a life; if a player loses three lives, she is considered “drowned” and must drop out. The team that first gets all its members safely across the river wins.

Juliette Low Birthday Party

Celebrate Juliette Gordon Low’s (founder of Girl Scouts) birthday by having a party or have a birthday party at the local nursing home or shelter for all of the residents who were born in October. Girls could make cakes or cupcakes for the residents.

Knots Game

Safety: Make sure girls do not squeeze hands too hard or lock arms.

Instructions: The group forms a circle. Everyone puts one hand into the circle and holds the hand of someone across from them. Then place the remaining hands into different girl’s hands. Without breaking hands, the group should try to untangle into a circle.

Mexican Piñata

This activity is good for Cinco de Mayo on May 5th, but is also great for Thinking Day fun! Have yourself a special day complete with Mexican food and Mexican clothes like brightly colored ponchos.

Supplies: A large balloon, lots of newspaper, flour, masking tape, colored tissue, paint (optional), glue, scissors, string, pencil.

Instructions: Blow up the balloon & tie tightly. Then tear the newspaper into long, thin strips (about 1 inch wide and at least 12 inches long). You will need lots of strips! In a large bowl, mix 5 cups of flour with water, adding the water slowly until it is the consistency of pancake batter. Dip the newspaper strips in the flour and water mixture, wetting them completely. Remove any excess moisture from the strips by running them through your fingers, and then drape them over the balloon. Continue overlapping strips until the balloon is completely covered. Add more and more layers of newspaper until you have applied 5 -10 layers. To decorate your piñata, let it dry completely, then either paint it, or cover it with colored tissue paper attached with craft glue. Overlap the tissue like roof shingles. To fill the piñata, cut a small flap in the top, bend it back carefully and drop in small wrapped candies or goodies. When the piñata is full, fold the flap back into place to conceal the opening.

Pass the Life Savers

Supplies: life savers, toothpicks or straws

Instructions: Done as a relay. Divide girls into 2 teams. Each girl gets a toothpick or straw. Girls should stand in a line. Girls hold the toothpicks/straws in their mouths and pass the life saver down the line using the toothpick/straw. They should not use their hands; try to keep hands behind the back if possible. If the life saver and/or toothpick/straw is dropped that team must start over. The first team to get to the end wins.

Santa Letter

Check with your local post office about the letters they receive for Santa. See if your troop can answer these. Make sure to read them since some children will ask for help with their sick or divorced parents. Remind the girls to not promise any wishes but say things such as: "The elves have been very busy making toys," or "I see you are on my list of good boys and girls," or "Rudolph really likes carrots. Will you leave him some this Christmas?"

Scavenger Hunt at Mall

This is a fun activity that is done away from the usual meeting site. You may need to go to the intended mall in advance and talk to the perspective merchants about this. Include things that they won't have to actually get so the merchants aren't overwhelmed with requests for items from non-buying customers. Some ideas: Which store(s) has a pink sign? How many stores sell shoes? How many mirrors in a particular store? What color is the soap in a particular store's restroom? What is the name of the manager at a store? What animal is on display at the pet store? Get a straw. Get a napkin from a restaurant. Get a sample from a cosmetic counter. What colors does a certain makeup come in? Which store sells a specific brand of clothing? How many books on display in the bookstore? How much is an item of food at the food court? What color is the floor at this store? How many steps in the stairway near a certain store? What is the return policy at a certain store? What hours is the mall open? Another variation is to send them off with an imaginary amount of money and have them figure out what outfits they could buy without going over budget. Say they need one school outfit, something for church or a community dinner and something to sleep in. The one that comes back with the best buys and "spends" the least (a written list of what item at what store) wins a prize.

Tissue & Straw

The players line up in teams. The player at the front has a tissue that she must hold to the straw by sucking. Then she must transfer the tissue to the second player in line and so on to the end. The first team to completely transfer the tissue wins. No hands may be used. If the tissue falls to the ground along the way, that team must start over at the beginning.

Trick or Treating

Have the older girls pick a younger girl and agree to be her chaperone during trick or treat. She may also help her with costume preparation.

One Truth and Two Lies

Have each girl write on a piece of paper one thing about her that is true that none of the other girls know. Then write two things that are not true, but could possibly be. The cards are then mixed together and one person can read them out while the other girls try to guess which person's card it is and which line is the truth.