Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting

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What’s the Girl’s Guide?

This new guide is a handbook, a badge book and a scrapbook all wrapped in one, for girls. The guides will be available and customized to show progression for each Girl Scout grade level from Daisies through Ambassadors. The badge section of the guide will feature seven legacy badges that engage girls in topics that have been important since 1912 and are still relevant to girls today. There will also be financial literacy badges that teach girls how to use money wisely and cookie business badges that put girls' financial literacy skills into practice during the Girl Scout cookie sale. Girls can also explore personal interests by creating (and completing) their very own badges each year, if they wish. Other special grade level award details will be found in the guide as well (e.g. Bronze, Silver, and Gold Girl Award information). The “My Girl Scouts” section of the guide provides a place for girls to record their thoughts, collect autographs and save their pictures. Kind of like a year book!

What can you add in?

In addition to the awards found in the Journey books, the Legacy Badges, and other awards found in the handbooks, there will be extra Skill-Building Badge Sets that tie into the programming themes of the Journey books. These badges build skills in many areas of interest to girls from the Brownie through Senior grade levels.

What about Daisies?

There will be a special approach available for girls at this grade level. They still will earn petals that teach the girls about the promise and law but now the special “Flower Friends” that they met in the Journeys are tied to the character traits being promoted when earning each of their Petals! The “Flower Friends” show Daisies how to live and learn the Girl Scout Law through brand new short stories and activities. Daisies can have more fun with the “Flower Friends” and earn awards while going on their Leadership Journeys! Daises can also earn Financial Literacy and Cookie Business “Leaves” to go with their Petals!

What about Ambassadors?

Ambassadors earn Legacy, Financial Literacy and Cookie Business Badges, as well as their Leadership Journey Awards. They can also create a Make Your Own badge. They have everything but the extra Skill-Building Badge Sets at this grade level.

What other awards are new?

There are two other new awards found in the Girl’s Guide--the My Promise, My Faith and the Journey Summit awards. More details are to follow on these new awards.


What’s been updated?

To avoid confusion in the public, all girls earn badges (i.e. Brownies won’t refer to their triangle –shaped patches as “Try-Its” and the older girls won’t refer to their earned awards as “Interest Projects.”). Badge shapes have been changed for some of the upper grade levels. Selection of Troop Crests and the Safety Award requirements have been updated for girls. There will be updated versions of awards available only to the upper grade levels — the Program Aid, Counselor in Training and the Volunteer in Training (formerly called the Leader in Training award).

What’s great about all this for girls?

The new national program portfolio offers girls variety, choices and are relevant to their needs and interests of today. Even the new badges are purposeful, being sure to offer tips for tying the activities into what the girl is working on in their Journey leadership development program experience. The new badges have closing statements that offer ideas on how a girl might use her newly found skill while giving service in her community.

Want more info?

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