Reflecting on the Troop-Group Year

Every year, troop/group leaders are required to complete this year-end self evaluation and submit it by June 16. This completed form is necessary to be considered for reappointment as a leader for the next membership year. Directions: Complete this form by June 16. Forms will be auto-routed to your Membership Services Manager (MSM).



What grade levels are the girls in the troop? (Check all that apply.):

We partipicated in the following registration option:

New troops/groups - all registrations were submitted withint one month following the first meeting.:

I intend to continue as a leader next year and would like to be considered for volunteer reappointment to this position again for the next membership year.:

If you do not intend to continue, can you recommend somone to fill the position next year?:



We displayed an understanding of the Girl Scout Program through the following activities.

Which Journey did your troop use this year?:

Did you connect with community resources to enhance the Journey experience?:

When working with the girls in your troop/group, do you apply the Girl Scout processes within the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to the troop/group activity? (Check all that apply.):

Did the troop/group participate in a community service project(s)?:

Name of Community Service Project Number of Girls Participating Number of Hours Per Girl Total Hours Per Project


We reached out to other Girl Scouts and adults outside of our troop/group who were involved in our activities.

We participated in a cluster and/or service unit event(s) with other troops/groups.:

We participated in at least one council event that was advertised in O.N.E. magazine.:


Our troop/group participated in money-earning activities

We participated in the Fall Product Sale.:

We participated in the Cookie Sale Program.:

Please check all the skills that your troop leadership helped the girls build through council product sales programs:


We are committed to safety and positive leadership for our girls and remain up to date on Girl Scout trainings and safety issues.

Both the leader and co-leader(s) have completed the following trainings within the past 3 years (Check all that apply):

As a new leader, I completed:

The trainings offered by GSBDC helped us provide better services and activites for our girls.:


I would like more information or have questions about the Girl Scout Program.:

I am aware that all adults who help to meet the required girl to adult safety ratio are required to have an approved volunteer application and background check every three years. In addition, all adults who attend overnights with girls, handle troop finances or large quantities of troop owned product and/or handle confidential member information are also required to have an approved application and background check every three years.:

I accept the Girl Scout Promise & Law.:


Each troop is required to submit a report of all monies which pass through its treasury each year. The Troop Leader(s) and Troop Treasurer have an important responsibility in the careful management and accounting of the troop money. Submit to your Service Unit Treasurer or Membership Development Coordinator by June 16th of each year.


Names on account signature card authorized to withdraw funds. SIGNATURES MUST BE REGISTERED GIRL SCOUTS (not related)
Mark the name of the person holding checkbook/monies

Date of Balance:


What to do with troop funds if leadership of troop is changing:
  1. If new leadership has been recruited, all troop supplies, financial records and bank account information must be given to the new leader.
  2. If new leadership has not been recruited, return all troop supplies, financial records and bank account information and cash on hand to the Membership Services Manager.
What to do with troop funds if troop is disbanding:
  1. Use troop money for activities with currently registered girls.
  2. Council policies state that money may not be refunded directly to girls.
  3. If money is not used for activities with the girls, it must be handled according to council policy. (See GSBDC policy)
  4. Return final Annual Troop Finance Report showing how all funds have been used. If all money is not used for activities for girls, the remaining troop funds shall be turned in within two (2) weeks according to council policy. (See GSBDC policy)
Council policy:
  1. If no girls from the troop want to continue, the funds will be transferred and held in a council restricted account for up to (2) years.
  2. If girls join other troops, the money may be divided proportionately and put into those troop accounts. (See GSBDC policy)
If you have any questions, please contact your Membership Services Manager at 800-756-7616.