Junior Crafts


Beaded Snowflake Pin

Supplies: tinsel chenille stems, 8mm crystal beads, translucent beads, pin, glue, scissors

Instructions: Cut chenille stem into 3" pieces. Line up three pieces and slide a bead down to the middle of the three. Bend the ends into a snowflake shape. On each end, alternate crystal and colored beads. Bend ends over to hold beads in place. Add pin to the back.


Supplies: hemp cord, scissors, tape, beads and buttons.

Instructions: To make a bracelet, you need two strands of hemp, one twice as long as the other. The lengths will depend on the hemp's width, but a 60- and a 30-inch length should fit the wrist of most girls when the bracelet is complete. Fold each strand in half. Hold the two midpoints together and tie a loop with them. Hang the loop over a nail or tape it to a board. You should now have four strands; put the shorter two in the middle. Next, lay the left outside strand over the middle two strands (it should look like the number four), then under the right outside strand. Bring the outside right strand under the middle two strands and up through the loop of the four. Pull the ends of the outside strands tight. This is the basic knot. To continue, simply alternate the side from which you start the knot. To add a bead, slip it onto the middle two strands, and then tie the knot. When your bracelet is done, slip a four-holed button onto the four strands (one strand in each hole), then knot each strand end and snip off any extra hemp.

Bumble Bee

Supplies: black chenille stems (1/girl), yellow chenille stems (1/girl), glue, pencil, pin backs, wiggly eyes, white craft foam

Instructions: Hold the two chenille stems together and twist them around a pencil going down to the point. Slide them off the pencil. Add two wiggle eyes to the top - the point is the bottom. Cut white fun foam into wings and glue them to the back of the bee. Attach flat back pin on back.


A didgeridoo is a long wooden trumpet-like instrument used by the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. A real didgeridoo is made of a hollow wooden branch with a beeswax mouthpiece. Girls can make their own didgeridoo using PVC (plumbing) pipe or wrapping paper tubes.

Supplies: A length of PVC pipe (like the plumbers use). You can also use two cardboard wrapping paper tubes taped together. The length should be manageable. For adults, a didgeridoo is about 5 feet long. For children, 3 or 4 feet is great (depending on the height of the child). paint or markers, if you use PVC pipe, you will need to use acrylic paint. paintbrushes and water. glue (white glue or hot glue). string, leather, feathers, beads and any other found objects you have lying about. pictures of didgeridoos are a good idea. Look for books in your library.

Instructions: If you are using a PVC pipe, be sure to sand both ends of the pipe down so there are no rough edges. Once you have a length of pipe or cardboard tubing, you are ready to decorate. Using paint or markers, decorate the didgeridoo using bright exciting colors. You can glue all sorts of objects to your didgeridoo as long as you can still comfortably move it around. You can create a mouthpiece for your didgeridoo by rolling a piece of poster paper into a cone and gluing it to the end of your pipe or tube. To play your didgeridoo, stand or sit with the instrument straight out in front of you, with one end resting on the ground. Place your mouth inside the tube and make a loose motorboat sound with your lips.

Do a Good Turn Daily Pin

Girls can make a pin with 7 beads that can be slid along a ribbon to keep track of good deeds.

Supplies: (for each pin) 1/4" or 1/8" ribbon, 7 pony beads (red, yellow, blue, orange, purple, green, white), safety pin

Instructions: Measure the ribbon to about 20" long. Fold the ribbon in half and tie an overhand knot a little ways down from the top. You need leave only enough room for the safety pin. Slide your first bead on one ribbon strand, and then push the other strand up from the bottom of the bead. When you pull the ribbon snug (and with a little judicious adjusting) the bead will be sideways. Continue with the rest of the beads and tie another overhand knot about an inch below the bottom bead. Once it is made, girls can slide a bead to the bottom after each good deed they have done. By the end of the week, if they have done good deeds every day, all 7 beads should be at the bottom.

Ear of Corn Pin

Supplies: white chenille stems, small yellow beads, brown twine, pins, glue

Instructions: Cut the chenille stem to 4". Fold in half. Add yellow beads on each side and then twist the top together. Tie or glue a small piece of twine to the top for husk. Add the pin to the back.

Fishing Swivel Bracelets

Supplies: size 14 swivels, seed beads, pliers

Instructions: Put seed beads on each swivel (approximately 10-14 each), and then hook them together in a chain.

Girl Scout

Supplies: large flat wooden circles, skein of thread/yarn in hair colors, felt scraps in uniform colors, yarn/thread in uniform colors, paint (skin tones), markers (black & pink), glue, wiggly eyes (2 each), scissors, paint brushes

Instructions: Paint the faces in choice of skin color and let dry. Add the eyes. Draw the mouth and nose with black marker. Color the cheeks with the pink marker. Cut yarn/thread to length of choice for hair - can be braided. Glue hair across top of head and slightly down the sides. Tie a bow around the hair in the uniform colors. For the hat, cut the felt into a 2 3/4" circle and a 1/4" x 3/4" wide strip. Cut the circle in half and glue the rounded edges together, leaving an opening for the head. Glue the opening of the hat to the top of the head. Glue the felt strip across the bottom of the hat edge, slightly overlapping with the hat.

Kool-Aid Tie Dye Shirts

Supplies: t-shirt, unsweetened Kool-Aid®, vinegar, small plastic bowls, plastic gloves, rubber bands

Instructions: For every color you wish to use, put 1 package Kool-Aid® and 1 ounce of vinegar in individual plastic bowls. Mix until Kool-Aid® is dissolved. Using rubber bands pull and twist t-shirt into different shapes. Dip rubber-banded ends in bowls (make sure you wear gloves or your hands will stain). To set colors, iron on medium-high using an ironing cloth between shirt and iron. Let stand for 24 hours before washing. To be safe, wash separately the first time. Launder t-shirt as usual and it's ready to wear.

Additional Notes: Don't use a softener when pre- washing the t-shirt; the dye will not take.

Make a Troop Banner

Supplies: Large old white sheet or large paper, markers or paint, pencils

Instructions: Have girls cut the sheet or paper to the size they want for the troop banner. Lay something under the sheet or paper so that the paint or marker does not bleed onto the floor, (if using paint it may be better to make the banner outside). Have the girls decorate the banner. Some ideas are to have each girl paint their hand and leave the print on the banner and sign beside it, or give the troop a  mascot, Sew or glue on decorations or leave a place to collect SWAPS. It is up to the girls to be as creative as they would like.

Mexican Folk Painting

Supplies: large brown paper bag, scissors, pencil, newspaper, sink/tub of water, markers/crayons/paint

Instructions: To prepare the bag so it looks like the ornate paper used in paintings in Mexico; soak it in water for about 10 minutes to loosen the glued seams. Open the bag carefully and squeeze out the extra water. Spread it on newspaper to dry. The soaking and crushing makes it more pliable. After dry, trim to the size you want and round the corners. Plan your design and lightly sketch on the bag, then outline with a black marker. Fill in the designs with bright colors using markers, crayons, or paint.

Moonbeam Ring

Supplies: scissors, tape, measuring stick, silver and gold metallic embroidery floss

Instructions: Cut one 30" silver floss strand for the knotting string (k-string) and two 10" gold strands for the base strings (b-strings). Line up the 3 strings with k on the left and the b-strings on the right. Tie ends into a knot, leaving about a 3"tail. Tape the tail onto a table/sturdy surface. Wrap K over and under bs and up through its own loop. Hold bs and tug k into a knot. Continue about 5 more times, and then flip so K is back on the left. Repeat until desired length and knot ends. Cut off extra.

Native American Rain Stick

Supplies: cardboard tube (paper towel), aluminum foil, construction paper, glue, scissors, crayons/markers, dried beans/rice/popcorn kernels/pasta

Instructions: Trace the end of the tube on brown construction paper. Draw a bigger circle around the outside of that one and draw 'spokes' between the two. Cut out the circle and cut along the spokes. Put glue on the spokes and glue to one end of the tube. Cut a piece of aluminum foil 1 1/2 times the length of the tube and 6" wide. Crunch it into a long, thin, snake-like shape and then twist into a spring. Put the spring in the tube. Pour dry beans/rice/popcorn kernels/pasta into tube until about 1/10 full - experiment with different amounts for different sounds. Make another cap with the brown construction paper and glue over the open end. Decorate the tube.

Paper Angels

Supplies: coffee filters (two each), cupcake paper liners (two each), satin ribbon, multicolor garland/chenille stem, sequins, black permanent marker, scissors, glue, pink blush, stapler, jumbo craft sticks, yarn/paper twist

Instructions: Stack coffee filters so edges are staggered and fold in half. Make 1/2" pleat at center top of skirt and staple the pleat. Cut craft sticks in half for head and glue to skirt, about 1" above skirt. Fold two cupcake liners in half and flatten. Glue to the back at each side of head. Sequins or yarn/paper twist can be used for hair - glue to top of head. Twist garland/chenille stem to make a halo. Place on head and glue at back. Use marker for eyes, nose, and smile. Apply blush to cheeks. Tie ribbon into bow and glue over skirt staple. Cut length of ribbon and tie ends in knot. Glue to the back of head for a hanger.

Paper Snowflakes

Supplies: scissors, paper/card stock (various colors), pen/pencil/marker

Instructions: Fold the paper in half diagonally. Fold that triangle in half. Fold the top third of the triangle partway down. Fold the bottom third up over the first and flatten. Trim off the points. Draw a design (doesn't have to be an actual snowflake) on one side or copy a pattern. Cut it out, leaving some folded edges, and then unfold. Girls can label with their names if desired.

Plastic Bag Sit Upon

Supplies: fabric scraps (See explanation below), large needle, yarn or string, plastic bags

Instructions: Any heavy-duty fabric can be used for this project, but the best fabric to use for this item is an old tablecloth - the kind that has plastic on one side and material on the other. Cut 2 squares out of your fabric. They should be the same size and approximately 2 feet wide. Cut a piece of yarn or string about 3 feet long and thread it onto the needle. Pull the yarn or string through the needle eye and then tie the ends together. Start at any of the 4 corners and sew the edges together using a simple running stitch. Leave about an inch around the edge of your material. Sew 3 of the 4 sides together, threading more yarn or string onto your needle if necessary. Once you have 3 sides sewn, stuff your sit-upon full of plastic bags so it looks like a pillow. Sew the last side closed in the same manner you sewed the rest of your sit-upon. Your sit-upon is now ready to use, and it is quite handy for finding a dry spot to sit outside on a damp day!

Rubber Band Belt

Supplies: scissors, beads-clear or colored-with 3/16" hole (about 50 for a 30" belt), 1 large bead white 3/16" hole for clasp, colorful rubber bands (about 15 2 1/2" x 1/16" for a 30" belt)

Instructions: Use a loop knot to attach 2 rubber bands. Add bead(s) to second band; tie spacer knot between beads. Leave enough space at the end to attach the next band. Repeat until belt is desired length. Clasp: thread large bead onto last band on 1 end and knot it to secure. Leave loop for decoration or cut it off. On the other end, thread a small bead onto the last band and knot so there will be a loop to fit securely over the large bead.

Secret Anklet

Supplies: embroidery floss skeins (1 plain, 1 metallic), ruler, scissors, tape, alphabet beads (hole big enough for 2 floss strands)

Instructions: The girls can pick letters to represent a secret message (about 5-6). Cut two 12" strands of plain floss and one 12" strand of metallic floss. Knot the ends with about 2" tails and tape to table/sturdy surface. Braid about 2" and thread the 2 plain strands through the first bead. Braid 1" and thread next bead. Repeat until all beads are included. Hold around ankle to see how much more to braid. Finish, knot ends, and cut off extra.

Winter Snow Globe

Supplies: glass jar (smaller size jar is good), hot glue gun, mineral oil or baby oil (see recipe below for another option), sand or egg shells or glitter, rolling pin, zip-lock sandwich bag, plastic ornament, small piece of cloth, rubber band & ribbon, scissors.

Instructions: Take an empty jar and wash it out. Allow the jar to dry out completely so no water remains in the jar. Plug the hot glue gun in so it will have time to warm up. Place your Plastic Ornament in the center of your jar's lid and place the jar on it to make sure that the plastic ornament will fit in the jar once the lid is closed. Put some hot glue on the center of the inside of your lid, and then place your plastic ornament onto the glue. If your plastic ornament sets too low in the jar lid, add some hot glue, wait for the glue to set up, and then add more hot glue until the plastic ornament sets high enough. If too much glue is showing, cover the glue with your crushed egg shells or sand (you can use colored sand or sand from your sandbox). Make sure that whatever you add stays in the middle of the jar's lid, if you don't you may have problems keeping in the liquids. You want an air tight Snow Globe when you are done. Save the egg shells from your breakfast for this one... wash the egg out of the shell and allow the shell to dry completely. When it is dry, place the egg shells into a zip-lock sandwich bag. Close the bag nearly all of the way (Leave a small opening to allow the air to escape from the bag.). Take your rolling pin and roll it over the egg shells. The smaller the egg shell the better. Allow the work to set up and glue to cool before doing this next step. Add the mineral oil (nice consistency for your snowflakes) or baby oil (a thicker consistency for your snowflakes) by pouring the liquid into the jar. Fill the jar about 3/4's of the way, careful to not add too much. Next add the crushed egg shells. You can add as much snow as you like, careful not to add too much. Add a touch of glitter to make the snow appear to sparkle. Put the hot glue around the inside edge of your lid. Carefully screw the lid onto your jar. Try to tighten the lid as tight as you can so that the jar will be sealed. (We don't want the liquid to flow out of the jar!). If you don't like the looks of the lid showing, you can cut out a piece of cloth to put around the jar's lid. Lay the lid on the fabric to see what size you need to cut. Then cut out a square to fit around your jar's lid. Take a rubber band and put it onto the fabric to hold the fabric in place. Then take a piece of ribbon and tie around the lid and fabric to add a nice finishing touch! If you prefer to use water to fill the globe, use the following recipe:

Snow Globe Water Recipe
Distilled Water (about 2 cups)
1/4 tsp bleach
2 oz bottle of liquid glycerin
use a fine iridescent glitter for the snow