Daisy Crafts


Bird Pictures

Supplies: yarn, construction paper, glue, scissors, pencil

Instructions: Have each girl trace around her foot on the construction paper for the bird's body and tail. On another piece of paper have each girl trace around her hands for wings. Glue on the wings. Add eyes and beak. Attach yarn to the back for hanging.

Daisy Petal Bracelet

Supplies: colored pony beads (colors of the daisy petals, see below), elastic cord, scissors

Instructions: Cut each girl a 4—6” piece of elastic cord depending on the size of the girl’s wrist. Use pony beads and elastic cord to make the Daisy petals bracelet. Use two to three pony beads of each color to make the bracelet large enough to fit the girls’ writs. String the beads one at a time and go over the different colors and meaning of the part of the law it represents (see below) with the girls. Tie off at the end. You might want to add a drop of glue to the knot to seal.

Pony Bead Colors and Meanings
Light Blue: Honest and Fair...The sky is blue and always fair...it rains on everyone or shines on everyone.

Yellow: Friendly and Helpful... Yellow is cheerful and friendly and the color of the sun which helps all living things grow.

Spring Green: Considerate and Caring... Spring Green reminds us of the tiny new plants that sprout in the spring and require our consideration and caring to grow into healthy plants
Red: Courageous and Strong... Red is the color of blood, it represents strength and bravery.

Orange: Responsible for what I say and do...Orange is the color of fire, it reminds us to always be responsible, for fire can consume everything in its path if we do not use it responsibly.

Purple: Respect myself and others...Purple is the color of nobility and honor and it commands respect.

Magenta: Respect authority... Magenta is a combination of Red and Blue, the colors of our Flag, it commands our respect.

Green: Use resources wisely... Green is the color of the grass and the trees and it reminds us to be careful to keep our earth green.

Rose: Make the world a better place... Rose reminds us of the beautiful flower and to always find beauty in the world and try to leave it better than we found it.

Violet: Be a sister to every Girl Scout... Just like the violet flower that grows in groups, we grow best surrounded by our sister Girl Scouts.

Daisy Puppet

Supplies: paper plate, CD, glue, large wiggle eyes, 2 Inch pompom, scrap of felt or construction paper, old green sock

Instructions: Cut around the edge of the paper plate to make petal shapes. Glue the CD onto the center of the paper plate. Glue the pompom over the hole in the center of the CD. Glue on the wiggle eyes and use a scrap of felt or paper to make a mouth. For the final touch, apply a generous amount of glue to the back of your flower. Gently press the foot part of the sock onto the glue. Set aside to dry completely. Once the glue is dry, you can slip your hand into the sock and play with your puppet!

Fall Placemats

Supplies: clear laminating sheets or contact paper, sponges cut in leaf patterns, paint (red, yellow, orange, green), construction paper/poster board (brown) or paper bag.

Instructions: Cut paper bag/construction paper/poster board to placemat size. Take leaf sponges, dip in paints, and decorate mats. Try to have several types of leaves for each color of paint so it doesn't get mixed together. After the mat is dry, cover with laminating sheet/contact paper. Girls may write their names on front or back with permanent markers.

Friendship Plate

Supplies: glue, scissors, construction paper, paper plates, markers, yarn

Instructions: Cut construction paper into petal shapes. Glue petals around paper plates. Write the troop number in the center of the plate. Each girl can sign one petal of each other's daisy friendship plate. Attach yarn to hang.

Ghost Puppets

Supplies: White envelopes, scissors, black markers

Instructions: Seal the envelope. Draw a ghost lengthwise - it can be however fancy or simple each girl wants. Cut off the bottom edge of the envelope for a hand hole. Girls can then make up a ghost story or skit and act it out with their new puppets.

Good Luck Hand - Khamsa (Morocco, Africa)

Hands are symbol of strength and power. Khamsas are good luck charms that originated in Morocco. The word khamsa means "five" and refers to the five fingers.

Supplies: construction paper, aluminum foil, scissors, glue, pencil, glitter glue, glitter and sequins.

Instructions: Trace hand on aluminum foil using a pencil. Cut out and glue to a piece of construction paper. Decorate hand using glitter, sequins or designs or shapes drawn on construction paper and cut out.

Handprint Wreath Banner

Supplies: white felt/old cloth, green and red paint, yarn, wooden dowel rods

Instructions: Have girls press their hands in the green paint and arrange their prints on the fabric in a circle/wreath shape. Let dry slightly, then use fingertips dipped in red paint to put berries at the tip of each finger on the wreath. Let dry, then glue fabric to top of dowel rod. Tie yarn around rod ends to hang.

Japanese Windsock

Supplies: brown paper bag, markers in the primary colors and black, kite string, scissors, hole punch, clear tape for reinforcement or stapler.

Instructions: Cut the bottom out of a brown paper bag and then open it up, separating the bags at the seam until you have one large piece of paper. On the top 1/4 to 1/3 of bag, have girls create a design using the black marker. Encourage them to cross over their own lines to create open spaces. Have them color in the open spaces with the primary colors, alternating the colors so that yellow never touches yellow, etc. On remaining 3/4 or 2/3, cut up from the bottom of the bag to 2" below the design, creating strips or tails about 2" wide and the length of the bag. Roll bag into a cylinder shape and staple or tape closed. Punch four holes in the design end, two on each side and tie a 1 foot piece of string into each hole. Knot all four strings together and hang up for decoration. The windsock will resemble an octopus when done!

Newspaper Flowers

Supplies: newspaper, paint, stapler, yarn or string

Instructions: Cut two small, identical flower shapes out of newspaper. Paint the opposites sides of each piece of paper as desired; let dry. Lay both painted pieces together so the unpainted sides are touching. Staple around the edges, but leave an opening in the top so you can stuff your flower. Wad up small pieces of newspaper and stuff your flower. Staple the opening shut. Attach a small yarn hoop to use for hanging.

Paper Tulip

Supplies: scissors, paint/crayons, glue, chenille stems, cardboard egg cartons

Instructions: Cut egg cartons into individual cups and cut edges into scallops. Poke a small hole and stick a chenille stem through the center of each cup (glue or knot end). Decorate cups.

Peppermint Candy Frames

Supplies: red and green peppermint candies, jumbo craft sticks, tacky glue, card board, and a photograph or drawing to put in the frame, clear acrylic spray (optional)

Instructions: Glue four jumbo craft sticks together to form a square. Turn the frame so it is facing you. Glue peppermint candies all the way around the edge. You can leave the wrappers on or take them off. If you take the wrappers off spray several coats of clear acrylic paint over the candy and let dry between coats, this will keep the candy looking fresh and keep ants away. Glue a picture backed with card board on the back of the craft stick frame. This will be great gift for a family member.

Rainbow Streamer

Supplies: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple crepe paper streamers, a paper plate for each girl, scissors, stapler

Instructions: Cut the center out of a paper plate. Cut long pieces of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple crepe paper streamers. Each streamer should be about two to three feet long. Staple a rainbow of streamers onto the paper plate. You now have a Rainbow Streamer.


Supplies: two different sized white foam balls, small wiggle eyes, orange and black fun foam or construction paper, chenille stems, small stick, scissors, glue.

Instructions: First tacky glue the white foam balls together with the small one on the top. Then glue the two wiggle eyes on the small ball. Next cut out an orange carrot shaped nose and three black dots out of the fun foam or construction paper. Glue the nose on under the eyes and the black dots down the center of the big ball for buttons. Next take a chenille stem and cut it in half for the arms. The chenille stem should stick into the foam ball. Finally take the stick and twist the pipe cleaner around it to look like a broom stick in the Snowman's hand.

Note: It may be easier to have the shapes and pipe cleaners already cut out for the girls.

Troop # Necklace and/or Bracelet

Supplies: colored pony beads, number beads, elastic cord, scissors, tape

Instructions: Give each girl the troop number in beads with the other pony beads in containers on the table for the girls to pick out different colors. Cut each girl a piece of elastic to fit loosely around their neck or wrist. Tape one end to the table and have the girls string the colored beads onto the elastic cord about halfway. Next have the girls string the troop number beads and then finish the bracelet or necklace with more colored beads. Leave enough cord slack on each end to tie together into a knot to form the necklace or bracelet. You may wish to add a drop of glue to the knot to seal it.