Cadette, Senior & Ambassador Crafts


2-liter Whirligig

Supplies: 2-liter plastic soda bottle, colored markers, paper, craft knife, acrylic paints and brushes, 3-foot wooden dowel (3/4 inch in diameter), power drill, hammer and small nail

Instructions: Remove the label from the bottle.  Use hot soapy water and a vegetable scrubber to remove any residual glue. Come up with a decorative image to paint on the bottle and then make a template by drawing the design on paper. If you choose a symmetrical image, such as a butterfly or flower, draw a straight line down the center of the drawing and then cut out one half of the image. If it's an animal, like a horse or dog, draw a profile of its head and neck. Tape the template onto the inverted bottle and use the marker to trace around its outer edge (do not trace the center line or the base of the neck). Repeat this step a few times, keeping an equal amount of space between the outlines. Use the craft knife to carefully cut along the outlines. Fold the silhouettes forward at a 90-degree angle from the bottle. Now paint the images. Once the paint dries, drill a small hole in the center of the bottle bottom. Then insert the dowel into the top of the bottle. Tap the nail through the hole in the bottle and into the top of the dowel so that the head extends one quarter inch above the plastic. Set the dowel in the ground, and the whirligig is ready to catch a breeze.

Blue Jean Leg Purse

Supplies: old jeans, needle and thread or sewing machine, applique or trim (optional), scissors

Instructions: Cut the legs off an old pair of jeans. Cut the hem off the legs. You'll use one leg for the purse and the other leg for the strap and decoration. Sew across the bottom, about 1" from the edge. Snip up to the sewing line every 1/4" to make a decorative frayed edge along the bottom of the purse. Snip along the top in the same way. Cut half the other leg into nine 3/4" strips. Tie the ends of the strips together so you have three strips of three tied together. Braid. Stitch the braid ends to the purse. To decorate, cut out shapes in the remaining denim. Stitch to purse leaving raw edges to fray. Stitch on an appliqué.

Clay Pot Candles

Supplies: small clay flower pots (about 2 1/2" tall), 1/2" ribbon (any color or print), small sponge, paintbrush, paint (any colors), small candle (approx. 2 1/4" tall
and 1 1/2" wide - any color), glue

Instructions: Paint the clay pot. When dry, sponge paint over with a darker paint but do not completely cover the lighter; paint sparingly so that you leave patches of the lighter color. When dry, tie ribbon around top of the clay pot (glue it in place). Insert candle. When sponge painting, be sure not to put too much paint on the sponge. The amount of light paint that you want showing is entirely up to you. When burning candle, be sure not to let it burn down too far. Scented candles work very well.

Girl Scout Birthday Candle

Supplies: wide candles, metallic fabric paint, fake jewels/rhinestones

Instructions: Decorate candle with paint. Make a larger "puddle" or dot of paint on the side where you wish to place the rhinestones/jewels. Can add a birthday message or ribbons around the bottom. Let dry completely.

Holiday Light Bulbs

Supplies: light bulbs (used/burned out), acrylic paint, paintbrushes, wire for hangers, water

Instructions: Carefully paint light bulbs with holiday shapes, colors, etc. After they are dry attach wire around the coiled end to hang.

Homemade Recycled Paper

Supplies: 10 sheets of newspaper, A large pot, 2 cups of water,  blender (or an egg beater),a piece of screen (about 5 inches by 10 inches), a deep pan (a little larger in area than the screen), 2 tablespoons of starch, additional pieces of newspaper for blotting, a round jar or rolling pin.

Instructions: Tear the 10 sheets of newspaper into very small pieces. Place them in a large pot. Pour in the water and let the mixture sit for a few hours, until the paper is soggy. Blend the water and the soggy paper in the blender in small amounts, or mix them thoroughly with the egg beater or spoon. The mixture should have the consistency of oatmeal. Pour the mixture into the pan and add starch. Stir for about 3 minutes. Slide the screen under the pulp. Move the screen around until the pulp covers half of the screen. You can also spread handfuls of pulp on the screen. The pulp should be about 1/8 inch (3 mm) thick. Lift the screen out carefully. Hold it level and let it drain for about one minute. Fold the other half of the screen over the pulp and place it on several layers of newspaper. Put more newspaper on the top. Roll the rolling pin or the jar over the newspaper "sandwich" to squeeze out the rest of the water. Take off the top newspaper. Remove the pulp from the folded screen. It will be your paper! Allow the recycled paper to dry overnight before you write on it, or to speed up the drying process you can iron it.

Instant Snowman

Supplies:  black seed beads (2 each), black and orange foam/construction paper/poster board, white crystal glitter or tiny Styrofoam pieces, mini Ziploc bags, scissors, pins, marker, index card/paper

Instructions: Cut 1/2" of black foam/construction paper/poster board, into a hat shape. Cut a small piece of orange paper into a carrot shape. Add to bag, along with two black beads and a small scoop of glitter. Add a tag that says: Instant Snowman-just add water.

Squash Candle

Supplies: acorn squash, knife, string for wick, upholstery needle

Instructions: Cut the top off an acorn squash, remove the seeds and inside flesh. Use the hollow squash for a candle mold by threading a wick through the bottom of the squash using a long upholstery needle or other large needle. Seal the bottom with a bit of putty and stand the squash in a large glass to keep it level. Next, pour your melted paraffin, remembering to keep some in reserve to fill the shrink well as the candle cools. You may have to do this several times, poking a small hole along the wick to relieve any trapped air. When your candle is fully hardened, cut away or peel away the squash shell and you are left with a wonderfully shaped unique candle. The flesh of the squash will leave a rustic patina on your candle as well. Flatten the base of your candle by rubbing it in on an old frying pan on low heat.

Squish Balls

Supplies: 2 balloons of different colors, birdseed or cornstarch, scissors, funnel

Instructions: Place the spout of the funnel inside the neck of one of the balloons. Fill the balloon with birdseed. Press the birdseed down into the balloon to make sure it is filled well. Do not fill the neck of the balloon. Remove the funnel and cut off the neck of the filled balloon and the unfilled balloon. Poke a few small holes in the unfilled balloon. Be sure not to make the holes too large as they will stretch. Stretch the unfilled balloon at the neck and fit it over the filled balloon, positioning the unfilled balloon to cover the neck hole of the filled balloon. Squish.

Troop Number Chokers

Supplies: different types of beads (cool shapes, sizes and colors), number and/or letter beads, different colors of thick ribbon.

Instructions: Have the girls pick out the color of ribbon they would like their choker to be and cut the length they want plus a couple of inches for knotting and tying the necklace. Lay all the beads out on the table and have them string them onto the ribbon however they want. They can use the letter beads to make their name or the number beads for the troop number. See what creative things they come up with. When finished tie a knot on each end of the ribbon leaving enough slack to tie the choker on using a slip knot or bow.