Brownie Crafts


Chinese Lantern

Supplies: scissors, glue/tape/stapler, construction paper

Instructions: Fold a rectangular piece of construction paper in half to make a long, thin rectangle. Make a series of cuts (about a dozen) along the fold. Don't cut all the way to the edge. Unfold and glue/tape/staple the short edges together. Cut a paper strip about 6" long and 1/2" wide. Attach across one end for a handle.

Feel Board

You can turn this craft into a game. After each girl has created their "feel board", they can take turns blind folding the others and making them guess what they are touching. Just be sure to check out the boards first for any sharp or dangerous objects!

Supplies: large piece of heavy cardboard, glue, paintbrush, things to touch (such as sand, rocks, salt, yarn, fabric, seeds. Use your imagination!)

Instructions: Using the paintbrush, apply glue to the cardboard, and then secure the touch items. When glue is dry, gently shake off any excess or loose items. Now have the artist close their eyes and "see" their picture with their fingertips.

Felt Mouse

Supplies: felt (two colors), scissors, wiggle eyes, glue or (needle and thread), stuffing

Instructions: From a piece of felt cut out a heart shape that will be the body. Cut a 12" piece of yarn for the tail and lay it along the middle of the heart, hanging out the curved end. Fold the felt heart in half and sew (or glue) most of the way around. Stuff the mouse with filling and finish sewing (or gluing). The pointed end is the nose. Glue or sew on two felt ears (1/2 circles) and eyes. Have the girls take their mice home and for one week every time they do a “Good Turn” have them tie a knot in the mouse’s tail. Next meeting have them bring in their mice to see how they did!

Fingerprint Animals

Supplies: construction paper/card stock, stamp pads (ink), markers/crayons

Instructions: Girls can use their fingers with the ink to make animal shapes. They can add extras to the animal or the picture with the markers/crayons.

Fogged Up Pictures

Supplies: wax paper, construction paper, glue, scissors, stapler/tape

Instructions: Cut out background scenery from the construction paper (trees, mountains, etc.); glue to another piece of paper - leave 1/2" border on the two short sides. Cut a piece of wax paper the size of the construction paper. Lay over scenery and glue corners. Cut foreground scenery (trees, grass, etc.) from construction paper. Glue on top of wax paper. Cut black construction paper into four strips for the border (1 1/2" wide and as long as one side). Fold each strip in half and place over the edges and attach in 2-3 places (tape/staple).

Girl Scout Frame

Supplies: foam/canvas picture frames (5" x 7"), craft sticks - 1 large circle, 1 jumbo, 2 mini per girl, paint (skin tone), paint brushes, black marker, scissors, glue, alphabet stickers, ribbon, twine/yarn

Instructions: Paint craft sticks with skin tone paints. Outline the uniform on the jumbo stick. Paint the top of the mini sticks blue for sleeves. Paint the edges of the jumbo brown at the top of the vest, middle for shorts, and near the bottom for socks. Paint the middle top of the jumbo blue for the shirt. Use the black marker to outline the body, draw the face, and dot the buttons on the shirt. Also use the black marker to color in shoes at the bottom of the jumbo stick. Glue twine/yarn around the face for hair. Glue white ribbon at the neck for a tie. You can also use the ribbon to tie a bow around the hair. Glue the head to the body, the body to the picture frame, and the arms to the sides of the body. Put the girls' names at the top with the alphabet stickers.

Glove Puppets

Supplies: scissors, glue, yarn, red felt, cotton balls, wiggly eyes, gloves (1 per girl)

Instructions: Stuff each finger with a cotton ball and tie it closed with a piece of yarn (this makes the heads). Put two eyes on each head. Cut out red felt mouths for each head and glue in place. Use yarn for hair.

Holiday Wreath

Supplies: safety pins, green chenille stem, translucent green beads, red star-shaped beads, red beads, scissors

Instructions: Cut chenille stem in half. Slide half through coil of pin to middle. On one side slide a red bead, then a red star bead. On the other side, slide a red star bead, then a red bead. Follow with two green beads, one red bead, two green beads, one red bead, and one green bead on each side. Bend into a wreath shape and twist the ends together.

Holiday Tree Craft - Ice Cream Cone

Supplies: Sugar cones, green frosting or white and add green food coloring, small candy like red hots and mini M&M’s, cake decorating toppings or sprinkles, and paper plates.

Instructions: Turn the cone upside down on a paper plate and cover the entire cone with green frosting. Decorate the tree with candy and toppings.

Little Hands Greeting Cards

Supplies: card stock, pencils/crayons/markers, scissors, decoration extras

Instructions: Fold the piece of card stock in half. Trace the girl's hand on the paper with the little finger on the fold. Cut out around the hand, leaving the little finger as the fold. Decorate with crayons, etc. Card looks like two hands opening.

Native American Leg Rattle

Supplies: lightweight cardboard (from a cereal box), paint, crayons or markers, fabric scraps, beads.

Instructions: Cut the cardboard into 4 inch wide strips that are long enough to fit around the ankle fairly snug so it does not slip down. Decorate the plain side of the cardboard with geometric designs (or whatever you prefer) using the paint, markers, or crayons. Use a hole puncher to punch holes along the bottom edge about one inch apart. Punch one hole in each top corner also. Now, you want to cut fabric strips about 1 inch wide and about 8 - 10 inches long. The number of fabric strips you cut depends on the number of holes you punched along the bottom edge of the cardboard. Starting with the second hole in from the edge, string the fabric strips through each hole so you have the same amount hanging over on each side. Leave both end holes on the bottom empty, and also both holes along the top edge. You now want to string 2-4 beads on each piece of fabric, making sure you string them on both strands. Tie the end to hold the beads in place, and trim off any extra fabric. Your leg rattle is now done and you can tie it to your ankle. Take your two extra fabric strips, string them through the empty top and bottom holes and then tie it to your leg!

Spoon Puppets

Supplies: wiggle eyes (2 ea.), glue, scissors, plastic spoons, chenille stems, mini pompoms

Instructions: Cut 4 chenille stems in half; curl by wrapping around a pencil. Spread glue across the bowl of the spoon. Press chenille stem ends into glue (hair), add a dab over the stem ends, and let dry. Attach eyes to rounded side of spoon. Glue on pompom for nose. You can create different looks using pompoms, more pipe cleaners, beads, etc.


Supplies: twigs, yarn or hemp cord, brown parcel paper or brown fabric.

Instructions: First have the girls draw and cut out their teepee as if it was laying flat on the paper or fabric. Next take twigs and tie them together at the top like a teepee leaving some slack to hang. Finally wrap the fabric or paper around the twigs and hot glue or tacky glue the edge so it will stay together.

Tie Dye Socks

Supplies: Plastic bowl or pan, Nontoxic fabric dye, White socks, Rubber bands, Pennies, Rubber gloves, Plastic spoon, Newspaper

Time needed: Under 1 Hour

Instructions: Begin by covering the work area with newspaper. In a plastic bowl or pan, dissolve a packet of nontoxic fabric dye in hot water, according to the package directions. Add more hot water until there is enough to cover a couple of pairs of socks. Dampen the white socks with clear warm water, then bundle them up in rubber bands. To make stripes, wrap three or four rubber bands around the foot and top of the sock. To make circles (great for the heals), pinch a section of the sock and tie, about an inch down, with a rubber band. For a pattern of tiny rings, slip pennies or buttons into the socks and wrap bands around them. Wearing rubber gloves submerge the bound socks in the warm dye and stir occasionally with a plastic spoon. After 20 minutes or so (the color will lighten after the fabric is rinsed and dried), run them under cool water, squeezing until the water runs clear. Remove the bands (and any pennies), smooth out the socks, and rest them flat on newspaper. Let them dry overnight.

Turkey Snack

Supplies: frosting, candy corn (beak and eyes), caramel candy squares (body),  Dove chocolate (base/feet), striped chocolate cookies (tail and feathers), Thanksgiving cupcake liners

Instructions: Unwrap a piece of Dove chocolate to use as the base of the turkey. Place on a microwaveable plate. Unwrap a piece of caramel and stick on top of the Dove chocolate bar for the turkey's body. Take a piece of candy corn and push down on top of the caramel (pointed end out). This makes the turkey's beak. Take another piece of caramel and push down on top of the first caramel. This is the head of the turkey. Break off the little white ends of 2 candy corns and push in the top caramel for the eyes. Take one striped chocolate cookie and apply to the back of the body to form the feathers. Put the turkey in the microwave for a few seconds (about 8 seconds) just so that the candy and cookie can fuse together. (Watch this or it will melt!) Serve in a Thanksgiving cupcake paper.