Having fun while learning

Crafts – they are more than just a Girl Scout tradition

Girl Scouts have been doing crafts since the beginning; but there is more to them than just traditional fun. Girl Scouts encourages girls to view the world through the eyes of discovery by helping them develop their creativity, follow their instincts, and hone their communication skills. Whether they're painting a landscape, or putting the finishing touches on a sculpture, Girl Scouts open the world up for their interpretation.

Crafting gives girls the opportunity to learn new skills that they might not otherwise come across. Simple tasks like punching holes in paper or threading beads onto a chenille stem are skills that require learning and mastering through practice.

Crafting presents opportunities for girls to practice their problem solving skills, and to think creatively and laterally about a specific task. It also gives them ample opportunity to use their imagination.

Girls learn to actively observe the world. By being involved in doing, girls become more alert and observe more closely. Because they are not being “taught at,” but instead are “discovering with,” they become their most intelligent selves. 

Craft activities give girls a sense of mastery. If we try a lot of new things with girls, they can learn that they don’t have to be experts to do things they’ve never done before, and they don’t need an “exp289ssmithert” to do it for them. It gives them a sense of widening possibilities.

After supplying the tools and a safe setting, give girls the space to experiment. They’ll problem-solve on their own and help each other. Don’t rush in with solutions too fast. And remember to encourage individual creativity. No project has to be “right” or perfect.