Opening & Closing Ceremonies


Each Girl Scout meeting should have opening and closing ceremonies. This is a good tradition because it gives a definite beginning and ending to the meeting. Openings and Closings should be simple and short in duration. You could have a flag ceremony, read a poem, sing a favorite song, play a short game, or recite the Girl Scout Promise. During the year, build up a collection of poems, readings, games, songs and Friendship Circles that the girls enjoy. Vary the ceremonies so girls will appreciate these special times of coming together.

  1. Opening: Ask girls to form a circle with you. Have them sing a song of their choice and in turn calls out their own names – “Megan’s here,” Chris is here,” etc. Variation: include the Girl Scout Promise and/or Girl Scout sign.
  2. Closing: Form a circle: join hands and sing” Make New Friends” drop hand s and say, “Good night Girl Scouts!”
  3. Closing: Form a circle joining hands and spell out “O-U-T” in unison. Repeat the spelling with each girl saying a letter. The girl who says T leaves the circle. Continue until one girl is left who says “Good night Girl Scouts.”