Multi Grade Level Ceremonies


Leader Appreciation Ceremony

Girl Scout Leader's Day, April 22, honors all the volunteers who work as leaders and mentors in partnership with girls. Girls, their families, and communities should find a special way to thank their adult Girl Scout volunteers. A leader appreciation ceremony is below. Do something nice for your leader; show her how much you appreciate her.

Because You Said Yes

A Leader Appreciation Ceremony

Supplies: Three candles-any color, matches, copies of the Promise and Law, copies of the ceremony “Because you said Yes” sections for girls or adults to read from.

We open our ceremony tonight by lighting these candles to symbolize the warmth in our hearts for our girls, the understanding we have for the Girl Scout Promise, and the respect we show every day to the Girl Scout Law. (The three candles are lit)

The Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law
Everyone stands and says the Promise and Law.

Because you said Yes
Ask the leader(s) to sit or stand in a place of honor. Girls and/or parents may stand in a horseshoe or a line in front of the leader(s) being honored to read their parts.

We will go around with each girl or parent reading a reason why you said yes.

Because you said, "Yes". . . . .
.....a young girl will feel the pride of being someone special when she wears her uniform.

Because you said, "Yes". . . . .
.....a girl can move to a new town and have "instant friendships" with girls she might never have met.

Because you said, "Yes". . . . .
.....parents will experience that special pride when they listen to their daughter say the Girl Scout Promise.

Because you said, "Yes". . . . .
.....bright eyes will become a little brighter with excitement as the kindling finally catches on the first campfire.

Because you said, "Yes". . . . .
.....nervous giggles will emit from tents as girls try to fall asleep on their first night of camp.

Because you said, "Yes". . . . .
.....voices will be heard as the girls sing loud and strong their favorite Girl Scout songs.

Because you said, "Yes". . . . .
.....lifelong friendships may be made between the girls in your troop, providing support & love throughout their life.

Because you said, "Yes". . . . .
.....curiosity will be sparked and maybe a career chosen because of a girl’s experiences in Girl Scouting.

Because you said, "Yes". . . . . will hear the squeals of laughter as the girls put on their first campfire skits.

Because you said, "Yes". . . . .
.....strong bodies will be made through sports and adventurous activities.

Because you said, "Yes". . . . .
.....strong minds will be made because the girls had a safe place to make decisions.

Because you said, "Yes". . . . .
.....our future leaders will be developed, strong and decisive.

Because you said, "Yes". . . . .
.....the community and the world will be cleaner because a girl has learned the importance of caring for her environment.

Because you said, "Yes". . . . .
.....the community and the world will be richer because a girl has learned to give service to someone less fortunate than herself.

Because you said, "Yes". . . . .
.....your girls will develop great confidence in themselves and each other, building strong relationships.

Because you said, "Yes". . . . .
.....the world will be a more peaceful place as we all learn to accept and revel in our differences.

Because you said, "Yes". . . . .
.....a parent will find a gold trefoil carefully tucked away in a drawer as their daughter packs to leave home for her first adventures as a young adult.

Because you said, "Yes". . . . .
.....a young women will contact Girl Scouts one day and say "I had so much fun when I was a Girl Scout, I'd like to try being a leader" And the circle will continue.....Because you said Yes

In unison: We thank you because you said Yes. Present the leader(s) with a token of appreciation.

Sing “When 'ere You Make a Promise” or another favorite song. Blow out the candles and dismiss.

Sample Multi Grade Level Bridging Ceremony

Perform opening flag ceremony and sing "America, the Beautiful" or another appropriate song.

To First Grade Daisy Girl Scouts
Speaker: ”Welcome to Brownie Girl Scouts” (for Daisies bridging to Brownies)

Brownie Leader:
(Brownie leader says to first grade Girl Scouts) “Come on girls and join our ring; here we plan most everything.”

Second grade Brownies go and bring first grade Daisies and take them into circle. First graders can be presented with their Bridge to Brownie Girl Scouts Patch, their Ending Certificate, and their membership pin, if desired.

To Third Grade Brownies
Brownie Leader: (to third graders) “Now it's time to say good-bye; break the ring and out you fly.”

Ring breaks to let girls and leader out. She takes them to the bridge, repeats the following poem and gives them their Brownie Wings:

Brownies you are just about
To become a Junior Scout
In the troop you soon will find
Junior Scouts are true and kind
So now I give you Brownie Wings
That you may fly to bigger things

Brownies cross the bridge; fourth grade Juniors meet them at the other end and each one takes a Brownie to the Junior horseshoe. When all are in place, they repeat the Girl Scout Promise together and the Brownies are presented with the Girl Scout pin.

To Fifth Grade Juniors
Junior Leader: “As we say "Welcome to you," we have to say a good-bye, too. The time has come for some to cross; the Cadette's gain is our loss.”

Junior leader stands at end of the bridge and says a good-bye to fifth grade Juniors as they start across the bridge. Sixth and seventh grade Cadettes meet them at the other end of bridge and take them to their horseshoe.

To Eighth Grade Cadettes
Cadette Leader: “Welcome to Cadette Girl Scouting. As you join us to help make a well-rounded troop ready to meet the challenges of Cadette Girl Scouting, we too must say good-bye to some of our members as they progress on to Senior Scouting.”

Cadette leader stands at end of bridge and gives the eighth grade Cadettes the Girl Scout handshake as they start across the bridge. The Senior Girl Scouts will meet them at the other end.

To Tenth Grade Seniors
Senior Leader: “Welcome to Senior Girl Scouting. As you join us on our pathway of Senior Scouting, we must send some of our members across the bridge as they continue on to Ambassador Scouting.”

Senior leader stands at end of bridge and gives the tenth grade Seniors the Girl Scout handshake as they start across the bridge. The Ambassador Scouts will meet them at the other end.

Close ceremony by singing "Girl Scouts Together" or another favorite song.

Bridging Activity Guide

Briding is an important transition in a Girl Scout's life. It's a defining movment when a girl and her peers become aware of her achievements and is ready for her new adventures and responsibilities. Celebrating this change should be fun, personalized and memorable for everyone involved. And most of all, it should be designed by the girls in true partnership with adults. Bridging ceremonies can take place in the spring or fall and should involve as many area troops as possible for impact and recognition of each girl. This activity guide contains the steps necessary to earn the bridging badge and also host a multi-grade level bridging ceremony, all in one event.

The Campfire Ash Ceremony

The History: Taking ashes from one campfire to another is a ceremony conducted by Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all around the world. The main purpose of these ashes is to bring to all Girl Scouts and Guides the international aspect of the world sisterhood. Ashes taken from a campfire are sprinkled into the flames of the next campfire. The next morning, when the ashes are cold, they are stirred and each Girl Scout/Guide present at the ceremony takes some to mix with the next campfire. Each Girl Scout/Guide keeps a list of all of the campfires in which they have sprinkled their ashes. If more than one Girl Scout/Guide brings ashes to the campfire, the lists are combined; the dates and places of all campfires are recorded and passed on. As Girl Scouts and Girl Guides, the ashes circle the globe. It is a tradition that only those actually present at the campfire can receive ashes from the ceremony to carry on to another campfire.

The Ceremony: We carry our friendships with us in these ashes from other campfires with girls in other lands. May the joining of the past fires with the leaping flames of this campfire; symbolize once more the unbroken chain that binds Girl Scouts and Girl Guides of all nations together.

With greetings from our sisters around the world, I will add these ashes and the sisterhood therein, to our campfire. Will anyone with campfire ashes please come forward and join me. (Wait for others)

The ashes I spread into this campfire carry memories of past campfires dating back many years (if known, say years).
I will now charge these ashes to the campfire. (sprinkle ashes)

So that you may pass these ashes on and share them with others at your next campfire, you will be given a history of where these ashes have been. (Write out a list and distribute to girls.)

Campfire Wish Bundles

Have each girl gather a stick & tie them all together with ribbon or yarn. Ask each girl to decide on a wish that they would like to see come true. Then, the bundle gets thrown into the campfire. If the bundle burns all the way, your group’s wish will come true. This is even better if you do the ashes ceremony, too, because it makes the ashes more “magical” to the girls.