Daisy Ceremonies


Daisy Poem Opening/Closing Ceremony

This is a simple ceremony that the girls could do at the opening/closing of every meeting.
Girls recite this poem, actions are in ( ).
I'm a Daisy standing tall (stand tall).
I'm a Daisy, friend to all
(wave to friends).
I'm a Daisy, helping every day
(hands out, palms up).
Living my life in the Girl Scout way
(give Girl Scout sign).

Magic Tunnel Closing Ceremony

When the girls are ready to leave, the Girl Scouts stand in two lines facing each other, raising their arms and holding hands to make an arch. The two farthest from the door go under the arch, then the next two, etc. The tunnel diminishes until the last two go out.

Miss Me/Miss Me Not Daisy Bridging Ceremony

Props: Make white cardboard petals for each girl, as well as a yellow center with a stem for the leader. Leader sits on a stool, and the girls cluster around her.

Leader: Our Daisies have been a wonderful group to work with this year. I've asked each of our petals to say one thing about what we did. While I hope that each girl will miss me a bit, my job is to prepare them to move on. Please wait to clap until all our Daisy petals have crossed the bridge to Brownies. Here are the petals of Troop ____.

Leader: "She'll miss me or miss me not, (insert name of girl)". Take the petal off the flower and give to girl. Girl will then say what she did this year and then walk across the bridge. Move on to the next petal until every girl has bridged.

Nickname Ceremony

(developed by the Burnes Family)

Supplies: large pieces of glitter or confetti or any other material for "sprinkling" on their heads; the poem; a name tag with the nickname on it; and anything else you'd like to use to make this enjoyable.

Instructions: With girls/adults all quietly assembled in a horseshoe, state that it is now time to begin the "Nickname" ceremony, and read the following poem:

I knew a little mystery girl, she was a friend of mine.
We knew each other from grade school; it's been a long, long time.
She had lots of pins and badges, you see, she'd been everywhere;
They were on her vest and uniform, but one thing wasn't there.
This thing is like a special gift that is given by someone special you know.
You can't see it, touch it, taste or feel it, but you'll have it forever more!
I asked her if she had one. She replied, "Can I buy it? What is that?"
I told her if she had one, she’d say YES right off the bat!
So my friend doesn't have this special thing that you will get today.
When she found out she couldn't buy one,
she just hung her head and walked away.
When you receive your special gift today, please hold it near and dear to your heart,
And remember how you got it, no matter if we're near or far apart.
Each one was chosen carefully, to fit you especially in and out!
Because you are one great bunch of girls to have, that would make any leader shout!
Now I have you wondering, just what is she talking about?
Well, here goes, let's give the first one, to a super duper Girl Scout!

At this time, go stand in front of the first girl who is receiving a "nickname", and hold your right or left hand over her head and slowly let the glitter fall to her shoulders/head and say the following:
**By the power invested in me as leader of Daisy Troop _____, I hereby bestow the following name to (say girl's name). On this day, (say the date), and forever more, you will now be known as "(say the nickname)".** Now pin the name tag on the girl's shirt.

Go to the next girl/adult receiving a nickname and repeat this portion** all over again. Sing "Make New Friends" or you may end the ceremony as you like.

Spirit Candle Ceremony

This candle represents the spirit of Girl Scouting. Light a single candle. It burns throughout our meeting to represent the friendship and fun we enjoy together. Look to the flame and see its challenge to you:
  • Do More than belong - participate.
  • Do more than care - help.
  • Do more than believe - practice.
  • Do more than be fair - be kind.
  • Do more than forgive - forget.
  • Do more than dream - work.
  • Do more than teach - inspire.
  • Do more than live - grow.
  • Do more than be friendly - be a friend.
  • Do more than give - serve.
Bless you for being just who you are. Girls are great!

Seven Daisies in a Girl Scout Week Ceremony

Speaking parts: 7 Girl Scouts Daises

Props: Make a large daisy poster for each girl to hold. On each Daisy, print the appropriate day of the week.

SUN-DAISY: My name is Sun-Daisy, and we’re here to speak about Juliette Low and Girl Scout Week. Just before the Civil War, Juliette was born in Savannah, Georgia, on October 31st.

MON-DAISY: Daisy was her nickname throughout her living days. She loved games and writing and performing in plays. When Daisy grew up, she began the Girl Guides. Her first troop was in Scotland, with seven girls by her side.

TUES-DAISY: Daisy sailed to America; March 12 was the day she started a troop called Girl Scouts U.S.A. Eighteen girls met with Daisy very eager to start to make uniforms and badges, each doing her part.

WEDNES-DAISY: Daisy spoke of the law for all scouts to learn and told of requirements for badges to earn. The troop went on hikes along nature trails, watching birds of all kinds and recording details.

THURS-DAISY: Sports were important to keep the girls fit. Basketball was the first game to become a big hit; Daisy told the girls of camping under stars shining bright. Destination...Camp Lowlands, the first Scout campsite.

FRI-DAISY: For the rest of her life Daisy spread the word ‘round to millions of girls, in town after town. Shortly after her death a World Friendship fund began to honor this grand lady and her work throughout the land.

SATUR-DAISY: Each year we partake in a friendship celebration with Scouts ‘round the world and with great dedication. We’ll remember Juliette Low of who we speak, for we’re proud to be Daises each day of the week.

NOTES: If you have more than seven girls, let one read and one hold the Daisy.

Thankful For Ceremony

Have each girl come up with two things that they are thankful for and bring a picture, item from home, or make a drawing to represent these things. After each girl tells what they are thankful for have them put the item in a THANKS box or hang it on a large sheet of paper on the wall.

LEADER: We are here today to let one another know the things in our lives that we are thankful for every day.

GIRLS: I am thankful for (have the girl put her items in the box or hang them on the poster).
After all girls have said what they are thankful for and placed the items in the THANKS box or on the poster, form a friendship circle and hold hands. Have each girl then go around the circle and say...

GIRL: I am thankful for (the name of the person standing at her right).

LEADER: I am thankful for (all girls names). Now everyone say the promise together.

Keep the THANKS poster and box throughout the year and let girls know that they can add items to it. Take it out throughout the year to remind everyone of the things that they are thankful for in their lives.

Welcome Daisy Ceremony

Give each girl a paper daisy petal with her name on it. Have the center of the daisy taped on a poster board. Next, have each girl, one at a time, tape their petal around the center to create the daisy flower. Afterwards teach them the friendship squeeze by standing in a circle placing their right arm over their left and holding hands. The leader starts by squeezing her right hand and passing the squeeze to the hand of the girl beside her and then each girl passes the squeeze until it gets back to the leader.