Approved Vendors

Approved companies for program activities

Each year, troops around the council visit local and regional amusement parks, stables or take advantage of other high adventure pursuits offered by companies. In addition, they might charter a bus for a travel opportunity. It's important that thse companies and facilities have the proper insurance. If you are taking your troop or group on a trip, please check this list to be sure that the destination is a covered facility and/or the bus line is covered. If you wish to use a facility that is not on this list, please contact Roberta Richmond at (304) 345-7722 to see if they meet the necessary specifications.

As of May 29, 20212 the attached list of bus companies, parks, stables, river-raft and boat operators meet the GSUSA standards for liability insurance. However, please note the expiration date of the policy. This list is updated regularly.