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The new position of Membership Data Consultant, was formerly known as Membership Registrar. As we continue to embrace the technological advances available to us by promoting and supporting online membership registration, this position has shifted from primarily a paper handler to that of a “data” manager. It is even more vital than ever because we still need to ensure that the data we are collecting is accurately reflected in our systems.
While the collection of paper registrations is still a responsibility of this position, providing support and assistance to troop leaders wishing to take advantage of the ease of online registration is very important as well. In addition to providing this support, it
will be the responsibility of the Membership Data Consultant to verify on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, that the council records (provided to you in the form of Troop rosters) match the Service Unit records. The quicker we can identify irregularities and work together to correct them, the easier it will be to provide a quality Girl Scouting experience to our girl and adult members! 

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