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 The position of Service Unit Treasurer is now the Local Finance Liaison.  It’s a new name for some new and old responsibilities.  As the term implies, your position works with the local troop treasurers to ensure that troop accounts are set up and used appropriately.  Most of you have been doing this for years.  A new aspect for some of you will be to help monitor troop accounts to make sure that funds are being used appropriately and for the girls.  

Supporting troop treasurers/troop leaders 

A 2012 survey of parents of girls in troops indicates that communication regarding troop financial status is of value to them, yet they feel frustrated with the occasional lack of information.  Parents want to know how much money was earned during the product sales and other money earning activities as well as how money is being spent, etc.  This concern was a theme throughout the survey, indicating the need for troop treasurer development. Feel free to share this information with troop treasurers as you begin working with them. Coach and guide them by providing tips, best practices, etc. for increasing parent communication. After all, happy parents are more active parent volunteers!

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