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Thank you for allowing time in your schedule to help positively influence young women and girls in your community. Volunteers are truly the heart of Girl Scouting. Whether it’s large or small, you can make a difference in the lives of young women and girls.                 

The Purpose of the Local Area:

The local area is a dynamic support system that through diverse methods and the support of the local community provides
the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls and adults. It is the embodiment of the Girl Scout movement within the local community. Within this role, the service unit/local area has the responsibility to:
  • Extend and retain membership.
  • Provide direct support to girls and adults.
  • Educate the community about the benefits of Girl Scouting.
  • Act as a communication center for Girl Scouts.


The Essential Functions of the Local Area:

The local area fulfills its role by ensuring that:
  • Messages and activities of the local area reflect the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and Council Goals
  • Volunteers and the community are engaged in developing plans that meet their needs and interests through a variety of methods.
  • An environment is created that builds a volunteer's personal alignment with the Girl Scout mission and goals. 
  • Within each of the functions of the local area supports will be consistent, flexible and provide ease of access to the Girl Scout experience. 
  • Volunteers receive on-going coaching and education that equips them to be successful in their role. 


The most successful local leadership teams meet regularly as a team, prior to meeting with the troop leaders who will attend the local area volunteer meetings. During your team meetings, you’ll want to spend time planning as well as preparing for the local area meetings, by developing an agenda. Below are suggested items for your local leadership team to discuss during the team meetings. Also provided below are other helpful links to help make your local area meeting a success!

Local Leadership Team Meetings
Train Your Team
10 New short and snappy trainings to be delivered at Local Area Meetings
Mediating Conflict


Black Diamond is committed to providing excellent customer service to all of our volunteers! Below, you will find links to Black Diamond staff who are available to support your team. 

Staff Support

Local Leadership Team Positions

To find more information about your individual Local Leadership Team position, follow the links below.

Communications Liaison
Event Pathway Coordinator
Finance Liaison
Fund Development Liaison
Girl Placement Advisor