Volunteer's Speak Up!

As Girl Scout troop meetings have slowed down and you are reflecting on the year, we would like to ask that you participate in our Volunteer Self-Evaluation Survey.  We are always striving to improve the performance of our volunteer involvement systems. As one of our volunteers, we would appreciate your help in identifying areas in which we might do better. Your confidence and ability to perform the volunteer assignments is a direct reflection upon the support in which you receive. So, please be as complete and honest as you can in answering the following questions. All of the information collected will be kept strictly confidential, but it will be utilized to ensure that you and others who volunteer will receive the best possible service.      
Survey results will help us to make modifications and improvements to the services we will provide to new volunteers in the fall.  Should you have questions regarding this survey, please contact Tiffany Bailey 1.800.756.7616

What training did you attend?: