Top 10 Do's of Camping


  1. Review emergency procedures and exits with your entire group whenever traveling.
  2. Remember that no person operating a vehicle on Girl Scout trips shall use a cell phone while driving. Pull off the road to use phones.
  3. Practice Leave No Trace principals when camping. Remember that Girl Scouts leave a place cleaner than they found it. Remember, when camping, to take your trash with you or put it in the proper container and place designated by the Camp Ranger.
  4. Remember not to pick wildflowers and never feed the animals people food.
  5. Remember that all girls and adults, when hiking, must move to the same side of the road, when encountering a vehicle
  6. Wear closed-toed shoes, socks, and a bandana or hat while in camp.
  7. Adults should never smoke in the presence of girls. Smoke only in the area designated by the Camp Director.
  8. Pack only what you need and can carry by yourself.
  9. Respect someone else’s space and belongings. Respect the privacy of others by not walking through their camp sites.
  10. Remember that no firearms, alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are to be taken on Girl Scout outings.