Events & Activites

In Girl Scouts, girls have the opportunity to become whatever they desire. The Girl Scout program is girl-driven, reflecting the ever-changing needs and interests of participating girls. It encourages increased skill-building and responsibility, and also promotes the development of strong leadership and decision-making skills.

With the development of Girl Scout Pathways, there are now several flexible ways that girls and adults participate in Girl Scouting. You can get involved by simply matching your expertise, skills, interests and time to one (or more) Pathways. A girl (or adult, for that matter!) can enter/experience any Pathway at any time; one at a time, or a few simultaneously – it’s up to you!

Camp – Like to learn more about nature and the environment? Hike? Bike? Canoe? Come camping with us. You can choose to camp by day or overnight.

Events – Maybe you have more than one passion. Maybe you love horses and Web design and photography. If so, you can attend multiple half- or one-day events throughout the year in the subjects that interest you most.

Series – Love dance? Chess? The environment? Lots of other girls do, too. Why not explore lots of your interests together in a way that fits your schedule?

Travel – Pack your bags! Girl Scouts are going places. Whether you choose to travel across town or the world, the adventure will stay with you forever.

Troop – Join a troop and meet regularly with other girls to participate in exciting activities, make a difference in your community and have lots of fun!

Virtual – Girl Scouting via the Internet? You bet! Become a virtual Girl Scout and participate in exciting interactive activities with girls across the world. (Coming Soon)

You can find upcoming council events on our online calendar to join any Girl Scout Membership Pathway. In addition to council events, Girl Scouts can choose to participate in local community events and programs. The choice is yours!

So, choose your path and start your Girl Scouting experience today!