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Trekin' Through Nature

Sat Jul 16, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM EDT
Ambassadors, Seniors, Volunteers, Juniors, Brownies, Daisies, Cadettes

Hike the Lake Trail in beautiful Watoga State Park. Discover birds, plants, trees and other wonders of nature along the way. Find out how read a compass too. You’ll even try fun games as you lean about animal habitats that are beneficial to local wildlife. There’s lots more to enjoy at WV’s largest state park. Older girls will begin to working towards their Trailblazer pin. Some final work will need to be completed as an individual and/or a troop. Note: Bring bag lunch and drink. Fee includes shelter rental, activity supplies, a snack and a participation patch for the girls. Information will be provided for any badge requirements that were met through the event activities.