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Materials and Community Resources

We want to ensure that we communicate our brand promise. Girl Scouts gives every girl access to life-changing experiences that inspire her to do something big. Thank you for partnering with us to represent the amazing things that our girls are doing to change the world.​

If you have questions or need assistance on a communications-related topic, please send an e-mail to Candace Nelson, Director of Marketing.

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Recruitment Materials

Hosting a Girl Scout recruitment event is a great way to help new girls and families join the fun, and we have the tools you need to make your event a success. Whether you’re opening a service unit event up to new girls, increasing visibility at a school or community event, or hosting a Girl Scout Information Meeting we’ve got the materials you need for a successful event.

Volunteers Recruiters can order printed materials through Membership Delivery Managers for their upcoming recruitment events including:

  • Back to School Night or Open House
  • Distributing flyers to schools
  • Community Fair/Event
  • Kindergarten Round-Up/Open House
  • Girl Scout Info Session or Sign Up Event

The following materials are available from Council:

  • Half Page Caregiver Interest Cards
  • Stickers
  • Bookmarks
  • Believe in the Power of a Leader Flyer
  • Girl Membership Forms
  • Adult Membership Forms

You can find all of these materials and more hereWe request orders be placed at least two weeks in advance of your event.

General Branding Guidelines

Any publicly visible materials that use the Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council logo, fonts or any other branding must follow Girl Scouts of the USA brand guidelines AND be approved by Marketing and Communications. 


Referencing Our Name

The words "Scout", "Scouts" and "scouting" should never appear without the modifier "Girl," and each word should be capitalized. When mentioning our name in copy, use either "Girl Scouts" or "Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council."  


  • Our colors are Black, White and Green (#00AE58 or R0 G174 B88 or PMS 355)
  • Girl Scouts and green go together. To ensure that we continue to claim the color and to solidify our identity, embrace green. Be sure to include at least a bit of green in every piece you produce.
  • Use the colors in our Color Palette to add some fun to your designs.


Girls, troops, volunteers, etc. are encouraged to use the Palatino font and its variations for any design materials created.

Logos and Service Marks

The Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council's logo or service mark must be placed on distributed materials. Make sure to leave white space around the logo and not crowd it. Girl Scouts of the USA recommends to leave at least the same amount of white space around it as the "g." Do not stretch or modify logos or service marks in any way.


Selecting the proper photo to use for your piece is extremely important. Remember to focus on moments that showcase girls making the world a better place and engaging in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Questions about branding? Email

Communicating through Social Media
  • When representing Girl Scouts on social media channels make safety a priority.
  • Make sure the privacy standards settings ensure the safety of girls.
  • Practice diligence to ensure that groups you are joining or linking to have standards consistent with Girl Scouts.
  • Make sure the messages you post do not conflict with Girl Scouts positions. Please contact the council if you need clarity.
  • Use good judgment and common sense - do not write or post anything that would embarrass or upset Girl Scout members and volunteers, or reflect badly on our organization.
  • Treat others as you want to be treated; do not use the internet to attack or abuse any group, race, gender, religion, political group. Careful monitoring of social media is important in maintaining a positive image of Girl Scouting. When possible, please share articles/events from the GSBDC website, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and other communication resources.
Social Media & the Girl Scout Promise and Law

As a Girl Scout, the Girl Scout Promise and Law should guide all your actions—and that’s true for when you’re using social media, too! We’ve included some ideas to keep in mind below, but this isn’t a comprehensive list—when in doubt, ask yourself, “Is this action in line with the Girl Scout Promise and Law?”

  • Be honest and fair. Be transparent about your role as a Girl Scouts of Black Diamond volunteer when communicating about Girl Scout-related issues online.
  • Be friendly, helpful, considerate and caring. Treat others as you want to be treated. Don’t use social media to attack other volunteers, troop members, or staff members.
  • Be courageous and strong. Careful monitoring of social media is important in maintaining a welcoming and supportive community. If you see posts, comments, or behavior that concern you, please notify your Membership Experience Manager. Don’t be afraid to speak up or ask questions.
  • Be responsible for what you say and do. Remember that what you post online will be around for a long time (think of it as your online carbon footprint), and nothing is really private anymore. Use discretion and if you have questions about whether or not you should post something, ask your Membership Experience Manager.
  • Respect yourself and others. Respect other people’s privacy and your own personal boundaries by using discretion when choosing to connect with a fellow volunteer or girl guardian. (For service unit or troop Facebook groups, the privacy settings will give you the ability to give permission to only those who are involved with the service unit or troop.) Also, please do not publish girls’ full names online—girl safety is a top priority!
  • Respect authority. If your actions on social media—as with any other kind of actions taken as a Girl Scout volunteer—do not support the Girl Scout Promise and Law, we do reserve the right to take corrective action.
  • Use resources wisely.
  • Make the world a better place and be a sister to every Girl Scout. This is true regardless of how you are communicating!

As a representative of Girl Scouts, your online presence can reflect positively or negatively on Girl Scouts. It’s always recommended to set your personal Facebook profile to “private” (only your Facebook friends can see it), especially if you have Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council listed as an organization that you volunteer for or represent. Please remember that your Facebook profile picture can always be viewed publicly, so use discretion when choosing how the world sees you.

Girl Scout Branding, Trademarks, and Copyrights

In general, you can’t use copyrighted designs, text, graphics or trademarked symbols without specific permission from the copyright or trademark holder. The basic principle is: If it is not yours, don’t use it. Using the phrase "no copyright infringement is intended" (or similar wording) on your website does not mean that you can upload copyrighted or trademarked material without permission. All necessary permission must be obtained, or the material cannot be posted on your website.


Use of photos or videos requires a Photo/Artwork Release form signed by parents/guardians and any adults pictured. This release only provides permission for use directly related to Girl Scouts and should never be used to promote a business or political campaign. The troop leader should keep this document on file at all times.


Consider hyperlinks with care. If you link to another from your website or social media platform, make sure the page’s content is consistent with Girl Scout values and does not contain inappropriate or controversial material.

Advertising & Product Sales

Do not sell advertising on your site, either in text or graphic format. This includes banner ads and sponsored links. The sale of advertising creates an implied relationship between Girl Scouts and the goods or services advertised, and are NOT permitted.


  • Anything you post on your group or profile can reflect on Girl Scouts, so ask yourself, “What information would be appropriate for a stranger to see on my page?” Make sure that the girls and adults in your Girl Scout Troop or Service Unit who may be contributing content realize that this is a Girl Scout page, not a personal page. Please be particularly careful about inappropriate references to race, religion, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, learning disability, physical or mental disability, or political affiliation—they have no place on a Girl Scout page.
  • Do not post a girl’s last name, e-mail address, physical address, phone number or school.
  • Do not post the date, time and location of meetings, events or trips. Service Units can post recruitment events online. If Service Units wish to share program information with families, they should do so via email or through a closed group or password protected page only.
  • Any Girl Scout using a social networking site for communication must have parental permission and must meet age limits set by the provider, which is 13 and older in most cases, as per the United States Child Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA) and the Child Online Protection Act (COPA).
  • Only events/opportunities that are directly related to Girl Scouts can be promoted.
  • Under no circumstances should volunteers utilize information available on social media sites to make volunteer appointment decisions.
  • Respect other people’s privacy and your own personal boundaries by using discretion when
  • Girl Scouts USA requirements are listed in Safety Activity Checkpoints and we encourage all girls to sign the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge. We strongly encourage you to talk with your girls about issues of privacy and educate them about not sharing personal information, photos, contact information, etc. with strangers online.
  • Members responsible for posting disparaging material, bullying, intimidation or other misuse will be reprimanded and other disciplinary measures may be taken. We expect our adult members to role models for our girls, and follow the Girl Scout Law and Promise to be considerate and caring, honest and fair. GSBDC has a zero tolerance for adult to girl cyber bullying.
  • Comments should be deleted if they break any of the procedures listed above; contain profanity, obscenity, vulgarity or nudity in profile picture; are defamatory to a person, people or organization; contain name calling, personal attacks and/or personal issues that are more appropriately addressed offline; or infringe on copyright laws.
  • Girls and adults may post notices on websites alerting their communities about the Girl Scout Cookie Sale or Fall Product Sales. However – with the exception of Digital Cookie and M2 Media – payments may not be taken online. For girl safety, best practice is to not promote your girl’s sale on group social media sites where you or your girl do not know all members, and to not share personal girl information – such as last names, addresses, or phone numbers – on any social media site.

We are posting regular status updates, pictures, links and more on our GSBDC page. We also invite our fans to participate in discussions and share information. To “Like” us - Search for “Girl Scouts of Black Diamond” in the Facebook search bar or visit When you find us, simply click the “Like” button.

Best practices for Facebook:

  • Update your status regularly
  • Brighten your profile with photos and videos
  • Join groups and networks
  • Write on friends’ walls
  • “Like” pages, share links with friends and organize events

Creating a Closed Facebook Group

The first step is to create your own Facebook account, if you have not done so already. If you do not have a Facebook account, you can create one at It’s very simple and takes only a few minutes. To create a group, take the following steps:

  1. At the “home” page on your Facebook account, on the left side column, there is a menu item called “Create a Group.” Click on that option. A box will appear on your screen for creating a group.
  2. Choose your group name. This should be the name of your service unit (or your troop if you are creating a group page for your troop). For example: Girl Scout Troop XXXXX or GSBDC Service Unit XXXXX, so that viewers can easily identify the troop, service unit and council.
  3. You can now add other local members to the group who also have Facebook accounts. Please make sure to add only service unit members, troop parents/members and Girl Scouts of Black Diamond staff.
  4. Pull down the menu labeled “privacy.” Your options will be Open, Closed or Secret. Select the “Closed” option. This ensures that only members of the group will see the information posted in the group page.
  5. Click “create” and you’re finished.
  6. If you choose to add a profile picture, the Girl Scout Trefoil is a graphic you can use. 

Things you can do with a closed Facebook group

  • Post messages - remember a Facebook post has a limit of 420 characters before implementing the “see more” button. Statistically, people do not click the “see more” button.
  • Use the Notes section for longer posts
  • Post photos
  • Share files
  • Create an event on the calendar and get RSVP via a “yes,” “no” or “maybe” response
  • Post links to other sites
  • Post videos
  • Create documents on Facebook
  • Chat with group members

Managing your closed Facebook group

Before you begin developing a Girl Scout social media account, designate two adults who will be responsible for managing the account—one who is the primary manager, and one who can be a back-up. That way, there’s always more than one person who can manage the account!

In a closed group, any member can invite other members to join, as long as they are Facebook friends. Remember to protect everyone’s privacy by only inviting adult members of Girl Scouts.

The creator of the closed group is the administrator by default. For that reason, we encourage the communications liaison to create the closed group. It is a good practice to have more than one administrator, so that the responsibility of the account can be shared. If the service unit already has a page and you are taking over the administration, the administrator can add an additional site administrator with ease.


We are tweeting from @GSBlackDiamond.

To create a Twitter account visit: and click on “Sign Up.”

The basics of Twitter are to:

  • Follow relevant accounts
  • Post tweets

Remember that people like the human touch and will appreciate posts with your thoughts and experiences more than you think. They also like it when you say ‘hi’ and respond to their comments.

Best practices for Twitter:

  • Build relationships on Twitter
  • Listen for comments about Girl Scouts
  • Respond to comments and queries
  • Ask questions
  • Post links to things people would find interesting
  • Retweet messages you would like to share
  • Use a friendly, casual tone
  • Don’t spam people

Creating a Twitter account

  1. Full Name - Use your real name. It will appear on your public profile.
  2. Username - This is your “handle” on Twitter. (Ex: Ours is BlackDiamondGS.) It can be your name (ex: JaneSmith25), or something that is “you” (ex: CookieFan18). Use your service unit name and number or an abbreviation of the name, when creating a Twitter account for your service unit. When creating your username, be mindful that user names count as a part of the 140 character limit.
  3. Password - You will need a password to sign in to your account.
  4. Terms of service - Agree to these. You are agreeing to not spam other users. Click “create account.”
  5. Once your account is created, you will see an account page where you can fill in more information about yourself. Please do this.
  6. Before finishing, be sure to click on the “Picture” tab and upload a photo of yourself. A headshot is the best idea. Use the Girl Scout Trefoil for a service unit.
  7. If you have any questions about creating accounts, please .