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Black Diamond Pathways

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This 16-month program, open to a select group of Seniors and Ambassadors, provides experiences and knowledge regarding paths that girls can follow after high school.
This select group of girls will enjoy a collection of events, trainings and experiences. Throughout this program these girls will be able to mix and match to attend at least:

  • One Collegiate Visit
  • Two Career Exploration Opportunities
  • Four Virtual Learning Opportunities
  • Five Other Relevant Leaning Experiences
  • Teen Conference (designed by the girls)

Upon completion of this program, each girl will have a can-do mindset as she grows into her own sense of self; experience and learn opportunities relevant to her future path and/or help her identify her future path; gain a network of individuals who are able to support her transition to adulthood; and develop the ability to problem solve real-life matters.

Applications to participate can be downloaded here, or you can still apply to become an adult mentor

If you have any questions, contact Emily Welch 304-345-7722 ext 1016.