a volunteer cookie team

A successful GS Cookie Program depends on dedicated volunteers like you. Understanding everyone’s role on the team insures a smooth running program.

Service Unit Cookie Chair

  • Receives materials from Little Brownie Bakers, and assembles and distributes packets to each Troop Cookie Chair.
  • Reviews and submits the initial cookie and Girl Rewards order for the entire Service Unit.
  • Reviews data in eBudde for the entire Service Unit and submits final Girl Rewards order.
  • Receives Girl Rewards items from Little Brownie Bakers and distributes to troops. 
  • Supports the Troop Cookie Chairs as needed

Troop Leader

  • Works with Troop Cookie Chair to schedule, plan and lead the family meeting.
  • Works with troop to set goals and plan cookie learning activities (visit www.LittleBrownie.com for ideas).
  • Works with Troop Cookie Chair to plan for troop’s participation in booth sales.
  • Assists with cookie pickup, storage and distribution (if needed).
  • Supports girls throughout the program to review goals and progress.
  • Supports Troop Cookie Chair with money collection and deposits as needed.
  • Receives and distributes Girl Rewards items.

Troop Cookie Chair

  • Attends mandatory cookie training session provided by SU Cookie Chair.  Signs Product Sales Volunteer Agreement for cookie sale program.
  • Collects parent/guardian permission slips from each registered Girl Scout participating in the cookie sale program. Girls cannot participate if they are not registered.
  • Trains girls in selling techniques and safety standards. Hand out girl order cards before the sale start date.
  • Collects all order cards. Compile the troop cookie and reward order. Enter all cookie orders and rewards into the eBudde system by deadline dates.
  • Makes arrangements to receive and sign for troop cookies. Your schedule will be provided by your  Service Unit Cookie Chair.
  • Notifies girls and parents as to when and where they will pick up cookies. Parents or guardians must sign for cookies.
  • Collects and send all money before the deadline. Records and maintains accurate payment records in the eBudde system. You must have a signature for each payment received. Retain the troop proceeds on the money you have received for payment.
  • Sends in payment, in the form of validated deposit slip, cashier check, or money order to Black Diamond Council by due date. Also sends names and information about parents who have not paid. Do not hold troop payments when missing girl payments.
  • Works with Troop Facilitator and Service Unit Cookie Chair to collect any monies due to the troop and council. Retain all signed forms and keep accurate troop records.
  • Distributes rewards as soon as received from SU Cookie Chair and payments have been verified.