quality concerns


It is very important to provide good service for all Girl Scout cookie customers. The need may arise for you, the Troop Cookie Chair, to give extra attention to individuals during the sale program. From time to time during the cookie sale, volunteers are contacted by dissatisfied customers. Common complaints may be melted, discolored cookies, or damaged boxes due to heat exposure and improper handling. On rare occasions crystallized sugar and oat hulls have been mistaken for foreign particles in cookies. Seldom does this situation occur. However in the event that a complaint is received please follow this procedure:

  1. Talk to the customer, determine what the complaint is and if the complaint is legitimate.
  2. Offer the customer another box of the same variety or a different variety.
  3. Obtain the unused portion of cookies, the customers name, address and telephone number, if possible.  Also, record the batch number located on the box of cookies.
  4. Unused portions should be reported to the Service Unit Cookie Chair as a damaged box. This should be recorded on the Service Unit Payment Form in the” Damaged” column.
  5. If additional assistance is needed beyond the service unit level, contact the Product Sales Manager, Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council, at (304) 553-7019 or (800)756-7616.

The cookie company

There are two manufacturers licensed by Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. to sell cookies to Girl Scout Councils, Little Brownie Bakers and ABC Bakers. The two companies make presentations to the Product Sales Committee, which consists of volunteers throughout Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council. The committee then makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors as to which bakery should be used. The committee bases its recommendation on quality of product (such as taste), price, quality of service, and other factors. For the 2013 cookie sale, Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council has once again selected Little Brownie Bakers as our supplier.