Cookie Sleepover

Sample Schedule with Activities

7-7:45 pm
Starter Activities
  • Learn the Sleepover Dance (approx 20 - 30 minutes, depending on age)
  • Glam your 3-D glasses (approx 10-15 minutes) – color and decorate your glasses  with markers, gems, glitter, etc
  • Set up your space for the live feed (approx 5 minutes)
7:45 – 8 pm Get your snacks ready and settle in
Snack Ideas: Popcorn, Indoor S’mores, Colored juice drinks in “cookie” colors (red, purple, green, blue, etc) Cookie Trail mix
8-9 pm Live Feed from Little Brownie Bakers
or 11:30
Cookie Learning Stations – suggested 1 from Goals, 1 from Booth/Marketing, 1 from Product Knowledge and 1 from Other category.

Goals: Booth/Marketing: Product Knowledge: Other Ideas:
11:30 Movie or lights out
Movie suggestions: Troop Beverly Hills (PG) or any Disney or G rated films
6-7 am Breakfast & clean up
Purchasing Supplies Where to buy 3-D glasses (make sure they have one blue lens and one red lens or say red/cyan):