Opportunities, News and Events

GSBDC's program and volunteer services departments have joined forces to provide you with a single publication called O.N.E. (acronym stands for Opportunities, News and Events). This publication will contain Girl Scout opportunities, News for parents and leaders, Volunteer and Girl Events and community opportunities.

We hope you enjoy the new, fun, magazine-style layout. O.N.E. will be distributed three times a year in hopes to provide you with more timely information. O.N.E. is available online as soon as it is completed, at which time an e-mail notification is sent to all members for whom we have e-mail addresses. This can sometimes be two weeks before the printed version is in your mailbox, so if you have access to e-mail, sign up for our e-mail list today! Membership Development Coordinators always have extra copies of the publication.

Special thanks to Sharon Meneskie Kramer who suggested the name O.N.E. in response to our post on Facebook.

Issue 7, Winter/Spring 2014


Issue 6, Fall 2013

Issue 5, Summer 2013

Issue 4, January - April 2013

Issue 3, August 2012 - January 2013

Issue 2, April - August 2012

Issue 1, January - March 2012