Support Girl Scouting

Peer pressure. Negative role models. Tough choices. Girls today face more challenges than ever before. That’s why the Girl Scouts fills such an important role in the lives of girls. The choices girls make today will affect them for the rest of their lives. You can help shape their future by supporting the Girl Scouts. Please help give the gift of Girl Scouting to girls who may otherwise never have the chance to experience this positive influence in their lives.

Your Generosity Builds Girls of Courage, Confidence and Character

It costs $216 per girl per year to deliver a preeminent leadership experience for girls. Your donations help fund the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, which encourages independence, healthy life choices, positive decision-making, and self-reliance. Girl Scouts are able to reach their highest potential by learning about healthy living and life skills while being taught to deal with key issues facing young women today.
Contributions are used to improve our programs, ensure adequate training and expand accessibility of the Girl Scout Program. Specifically, your donations are vital to:

  • Subsidize council-sponsored programs
  • Offset membership costs and provide programs for Outreach Groups
  • Develop and support programs and troops in underserved or rural regions
  • Provide volunteer support, including training and publications
  • Enhance our local resource libraries
  • Assist in attracting and retaining high rates of membership and participation
  • Help us stay in touch with parents, volunteers, girls and donors like you who are committed to building courage, confidence and character in girls.
  • Help us keep our camps beautiful and safe all year long

What Your Support Means to Girls

Your donation sends a message that you believe in the value of Girl Scouting for your Girl Scout and for all girls; it symbolizes a belief in today’s girls and their potential as tomorrow’s leaders. It's an investment in today's girls! They are searching for a safe place to belong, a place that encourages them to believe in themselves and helps them succeed in the real world. They want a place where they can become meaningful members of society and help build a better world. And they want to have fun! Your gift makes it affordable for girls to participate in Girl Scouts. 

Leave a Legacy to Girl Scouts

We can continue to give even after we are no longer able to write a monthly check or send an annual gift, by remembering our favorite groups in our will. Even those of us with modest incomes are often able to leave a meaningful legacy behind through a bequest.
Please ask your financial advisor about leaving Girl Scouts a final gift, or contact the fund development office at 304.345.7722.