aMUSE Leadership Journey Changes


In the 2nd printing of the aMUSE leadership journey book for girls, the following changes were made:

  • Page 6 now highlights children’s book author Mitali Perkins
  • Pages 50 – 51 now include profiles of three inspiring girls and women (Bethany Hamilton, Ellen Ochoa and Mitali Perkins) so that Juniors can see that there are many ways to “bust stereotypes”!
  • Page 51 now offers a new activity — “Flip and trade for more ideas!” — to help girls generate even more ideas for their Speak Out! stories. 

Because the aMUSE leadership journey Adult Guide is not yet up for reprint, your Guide does not reflect these changes. Here is a list of the pages in the Adult Guide that do not correspond to the girls’ book, as well as suggestions for offering program that matches it:
  • Page 56 of the Adult Guide shows a picture of pages 50-51 in the girls’ book.  This depiction is no longer accurate.
  • Page 59 in the Adult Guide includes an activity called “A Stereotype to Take Action On!” That activity no longer reflects the content in the girls’ book. Please replace that activity with the one below:


Next, guide the girls to select a stereotype to focus their Speak Out! story on.  Point them to the section in their book entitled, “So Many Ways to Bust Stereotypes!”  (page 50).  You might ask:

  • Which stereotype that we’ve talked about today do you want to change?
  • Which of the stereotypes that you read about would also be the most exciting to create a story about?
  • What can be done to bust this stereotype?
  • What would you put in your story to show how to bust this stereotype?  Remember you want your story to educate and start some lasting effort toward change.

If the girls have trouble making a decision, you might ask them to narrow their list of choices to just two or three, and vote on a final choice.  The aim is for the girls to come to a decision that they can all be comfortable with and accept.