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ToGetHerThere begins the work of breaking down the barriers that are keeping girls from reaching their potential as leaders. The cause seeks to motivate all adult members of society – individuals, corporations, governments, and like-minded organizations – to do their part to support girls.  Give Today!

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Girl Scouts celebrated its 107th birthday this year.

Like many organizations that have passed the century mark, Girl Scouts has focused on redefining itself. Back in 1912, when Juliette Gordon Low founded the movement, Girl Scouts was the first all-girl organization and was literally founded to get girls out of their cloistered home environments and into their communities to do good.

Things have certainly changed but Girl Scouts today is as important as it was back in 1912. Confidence is a 21st century skill and without it, girls will not reach their full potential. We must be there for our girls today. And we know they aren’t reaching their full potential because women are still underrepresented – only 4% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, 15% of corporate boards are women, women are underrepresented in nearly every executive team including in STEM where only 25% of STEM jobs are filled by women.

But what people don’t realize is that we are the largest pipeline for future female leaders. Period. We know it works because 4 out of 5 Girl Scouts identify as leaders, while only 2 in 5 non-Girl Scouts identify as leaders.

Workforce pipeline issues are top of mind for today’s companies. They are concerned that they will not have the talent locally to meet the demand – that they will lose their edge. Leadership at Ericsson often tells the local Girl Scout CEO that they invest in Girl Scouts for purely selfish reasons – they want to hire our Girl Scouts. We love that!

Now, not every girl is going to be the CEO of a major corporation or the first female president of the US, but every girl is going to be the CEO of her own life. And she needs the social and emotional skills to make the best decisions to be her best self.

We use our resources to give girls access to skills in four areas where they might not choose to build their skills on their own:

  • STEM
  • Outdoors
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Life Skills

Girl Scouts is poised to change the leadership landscape of our country:

  • We have the scale and scope – We are the largest girl-serving organization in this country. There is no other organization that comes close to serving as many girls as we do. At 1.7M girls nationally, we can impact a significant number of potential future STEM leaders. Locally, Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council serves almost 8,000 girls throughout 61 counties in West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio and Maryland.
  • We have a proven program. Girl Scouts is the expert in how girls learn and lead. The Girl Scout Leadership Experience teaches girls the social and emotional skills they need to stay in STEM long-term.
  • Like many other organizations, we offer STEM skill building – from cybersecurity to coding to robotics and more. What differentiates us from other skill building programs is that we pair that skill building with all the other components that girls need long-term.
  • And finally, we have mentors – more than 800,000 caring men and women who are supporting our girls on their leadership journey. Here at Black Diamond, we have almost 3,000 adult members.

There is no other organization poised to do this work like Girl Scouts.

Help make her dreams come true.

Together, we will get her there.

Download the full ToGetHerThere Sponsor Packet

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