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Super Troops

Super Troops

Help your troop earn five cents more per box during the cookie sale.

We have a super sweet program that allows your troop to earn extra money for just by doing the things you are already doing while experiencing Girl Scouts!

Check out the Super Troop requirements below and score an extra $0.05 per box of cookies, which can add up to a lot of dough and make the next troop year the super-sweetest ever!

Super Troop Requirements for 2019

  1. Turn in your re-appointment paperwork by June 30th. This includes Reflecting on Your Year, Troop Finance Report and a current bank statement. 
  2. Re-register 60% of the girls in your troop by June 30th. (60% of your April 1 membership in your troop.) 
  3. Participate in the fall product sale. 
  4. Increase your 2019 initial cookie sale 5% over your 2018 initial sale.

If you qualify, your troop will keep an extra $.05 per box of cookies as profit! 

Here are the final results for 2018 Super Troop! Congratulations!!!