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A Taste of the Hocking Hills

Sat Oct 19, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST
Hocking Hills State Park Map
4-12, Adults
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Trek to the Hocking Hills area of Southeast Ohio to enjoy hiking, an outdoor cooking workshop, nature photography and a host of other forest education activities. To kick off the day, you’ll meet Matt Rapposelli, a former National Park Service employee and the author of the book entitled, A Taste of the Hocking Hills. This book features food dishes specific to the region and showcases his love for the area through photographs. Look forward to seeing the stunning landscape and vivid foliage as a backdrop during this fall family fun event. Hocking Hills State Park features caves, waterfalls, and deep hemlock-shaded paths for hikers and nature lovers to enjoy. You also might want to make this a weekend getaway and enjoy even more of what the Hocking Hills area has to offer.

Note: This event is open to those in 4th grade and up.