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Rewards for 850+ levels are not cumulative.

Images shown on this page and the order cards are for visual representation only. Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council reserves the right to replace an item of equal or higher value. Make/Model/Color may vary.

25 Boxes to 1,999 Boxes
  • Theme Patch

    25+ boxes

  • Tagalong Turtle

    50+ boxes

  • Samoas Earbud Pouch

    100+ boxes

  • Seas the Day Thermal Cup

    200+ boxes

  • Flashlight Nightlight

    250+ boxes

  • Traveling Turtle Bag

    300+ boxes

  • Weekender Tote

    400+ boxes

  • Bluetooth Speaker

    500+ boxes

  • Mermaid Blanket

    650+ boxes

  • Choose One of the following:

    iTunes Gift Card, Build-a-Bear Gift Card, or $50 Black Diamond Dollars

    850-999 boxes

  • Choose one of the following:

    Custom Converse Shoes OR $100 Black Diamond Dollars

    1,000-1,499 boxes

  • Choose one of the following:

    American Girl Doll OR $120 Black Diamond Dollars

    1,500-1,999 boxes

2,000 to 2,499 Boxes
Choose One of the following:

STEM Experience: Clay Center or COSI, Goldie Blocks or Legos Set-up. Bundle totals $200.

ARTS Experience: Clay Center or COSI, Artist Roll & Journal, Pottery Place Gift Crad. Bundle totals $200.

$200 Black Diamond Dollars

2,500+ Boxes
Choose One of the following:


Camping Kit: Tent, Chair, Sleeping Bag, Lantern, S'mores Kit, Inflatable Mattress

$250 Black Diamond Dollars

Initial Order Rewards

Initial Order Rewards

Girls who reach 200+ packages in their initial Cookie Order will receive the Cookie CEO Patch Pin

Girls who reach 300+ packages in their initial Cookie Order will receive the Hatching Turtle Plush

Troop Rewards

Troop Rewards

Troops with a per girl average of 160 will receive a Seas the Day T-Shirt for each girl selling plus one adult volunteer

Reach for S'more - Avatar Patch

Reaches for S'more - Avatar Patch

You can earn this custom avatar patch by completeing the following steps:

1. Create a Me2 Avatar during the Fall Product Sale.

2. Send 12 emails during the Fall Product Sale.

3. Sell 250 boxes of cookies during the 2018 cookie program.

Digital Cookie Rewards

Digital Cookie Reward

Receive the Cookie Techie Patch with 12+ DOC boxes. 

Gift of Caring Rewards

Gift of Caring Rewards

Receive the Gift of Caring patch with 12+ donated boxes.

Recieve the Awesome Day Pillowcase with 100+ donated packages.

Bar Patches

Bar Patches

Girls will receive a bar patch awarded at the highest level achieved between 500 and 1000 boxes. 

Girl Recognition Events: Honoring Our Top Sellers

Not only do girls earn individual rewards when selling cookies, but girls can also earn the right to be honored at a special recognition event! During the Girl Recognition Events, Graduating Seniors, Gold Award Recipients, and Silver Award Recipients are also honored. 

Every girl who sells 1000+ packages of cookies will be invited to one of the Girl Recognition Events and be honored as a Top Seller. 

Details are emailed directly to the girls who earned this recognition.

Many Service Units also plan local recognition ceremonies.  Check with your Service Unit Cookie Chair for details of local ceremonies.