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What Girl Scout Parents should know about Girl Scout Cookies

Thank you for your support of Girl Scouts and the Girl Scout Cookie Program. More than a way to raise money, the Cookie program is a hands-on leadership and entrepreneurial program that helps equip your Girl Scout with the experience and financial literacy tools that she will take with her into college and beyond.

When families understand the importance of the Cookie Program, they give it their full support and help girls do everything it takes to be successful. As a parent, you play a key role in helping families understand the importance of the Cookie Program.

All girls must turn in a signed permission form before they start taking cookie orders. Forms should be given to your Troop Cookie Manager.

Digital Cookie

My Digital Cookie Platform

With the Digital Cookie™ platform, the Girl Scout Cookie Program you know and love is better than ever. Fun, easy-to-use tools help you superpower your sale and go beyond the booth with online and mobile channels that make it easy for cookie fans near and far to support your sale and, ultimately, your success.

You get more ways to participate, more ways to sell, more ways to buy, and more ways to learn—nice! And guess what? Girls who used the platform in addition to traditional sales, sold more cookies and reached their goals faster—so amazing.

Plus, on your very own personalized cookie site, you can play interactive games, watch videos, enjoy printable activities, take fun quizzes, and do even more—all while taking your cookie sale to the next level.

Excited to jump in? Get movin’ with the Digital Cookie platform in four easy steps:


It’s everything you already love about the Girl Scout Cookie Program, supercharged. The Digital Cookie platform allows you to customize the way you learn and earn, using technology in new and engaging ways, all while earning cool cookie business badges along the way.

Now you can take your Girl Scout Cookie business on the go!

You’ll need a Digital Cookie platform login to set up and use the Digital Cookie mobile app. Don’t have a Digital Cookie account yet? That’s OK! Request a registration email now.

Once you’ve signed up, you can:

  • Let customers easily order their favorite Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Take orders on your website—or in person with the app.
  • Get important safety advice and cool cookie-selling tips.
  • Accept credit card payments—it's so easy.

You can also use the app to check your progress, and share your site URL via email. Remember: only share with cookie customers you and your family know—safety first!

The Digital Cookie app makes it super simple for customers to order their faves online and pay by credit card to either get the cookies right from you or have them shipped—awesome!

  • DigitalCookieApp_EmailMySite
  • DigitalCookieApp_SafetyTip.jpg.thumb.319.319.1450819471000
  • DigitalCookieApp_OrderCard
There’s more to Girl Scout Cookies
5 Skills

GOAL SETTING: Your Girl Scout will set sales goals when she participates in the Cookie Program. Learning how to set a goal individually and as a group and then creating a plan to reach them helps her develop Cooperation and Team Building.

Goal setting is a valuable skill that she can use every single day of her life and can apply to most everything she does.

DECISION MAKING: Helping to decide how her troop will spend their cookie money or choosing the best location to hold a cookie booth will require her to make decisions.

Learning to make decisions and working as a group will help her to develop her Critical Thinking and Problem Solving skills. Becoming a confident decision maker will always serve her well.

MONEY MANAGEMENT: Your Girl Scout takes cookie orders, handles customer’s money and gains valuable and Practical Life Skills around financial literacy.

From deciding how to use troop cookie proceeds to deciding how much she can afford to spend on a car payment, learning to manage money is a necessary skill for everyone.

PEOPLE SKILLS: Your Girl Scout learns how to talk to, listen to and work with all kinds of people while selling cookies. These experiences will allow your Girl Scout to develop Healthy Relationship and Conflict Resolution skills she can use throughout her life.

She can learn to ask a teacher for help or navigate the school cafeteria more easily. Girls can also use their people skills to learn to work well with others on school projects or as a part of a sports team.

BUSINESS ETHICS: Your Girl Scout is honest and responsible at every step if the cookie sale. Her business ethics reinforce the Positive Values she is developing as a Girl Scout.

Because she is honest her friends, classmates and teachers count on her and think of her as trustworthy. Everyone likes knowing and working with someone that is honest and responsible.

Sound like anyone you know?

That’s your Girl Scout, using the 5 Skills she learned in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. ALL GRADE LEVELS will learn and practice the 5 Skills for Girls.

Tips for Helping Your Girl Scout:

  •  Ask questions
  • Listen
  • Never do things for her that she can do for herself
  • Talk to her about what she learned each day
  • Have fun with her
Black Diamond Cares

Black Diamond Cares

Our Gift of Caring program called “Black Diamond Cares,” encourages girls to ask customers/businesses to donate (as little as $4), so that cookies can find their way to the military and their families. We have partnered with The National Guard Foundation and Gold Star families. Gold Star families are those that have lost a loved one while serving in the Armed Forces. Last year we donated over 7,000 boxes and this year’s goal is to reach 12,000.

Cookie Resources


Tools for Cookie Program Success

Little Brownie Bakers 
Want to make this cookie season the best one yet? Check out some of the fun activities and materials for girls from our partners at Little Brownie Bakers.
Need materials to make your booth the best booth ever? Download posters, banners, name tags, receipts, thank-you cards, and more at 

Girl Scouts of the USA's Cookie Resources Page 
Here you'll find handouts, posters, videos, and other materials to help you have fun and stay safe as you build your cookie business. 

Cookie Rewards


  • ParticipationCertificate2017
    Participation Certificate

    1-24 Boxes

  • Theme Patch_BUILT_2017
    Theme Patch

    25+ boxes

  • OwlDangler6485_2
    Owl Charm Dangler

    50+ boxes

  • OwlNailWrap6651
    Owl Nail Wrap Set

    75+ boxes

  • OrganizerLeft_6429

    100+ boxes

  • BinderPouch
    Hoot Hoot Hooray Binder Pouch

    150+ boxes

  • Owl Love Journal
    Owl Love Journal

    200+ boxes

  • Owl Plush
    Anniversary Owl Plush

    250+ boxes

  • BubbleCup V5
    Bubble Top Thermal Cup

    300+ boxes

  • CaddyRight
    Carry All Caddy

    400+ boxes

  • OwlPillowCollage
    Wise Owl Pillow

    500+ boxes

  • 700+boxes
    Choose One of the following:

    MP3 Player, $50 iTunes Gift Card, $50 American Girl Gift Card, Tent, $50 Council Gift Card

    700+ boxes

  • 1000 level
    Choose One of the following:

    $100 iTunes Gift Card, $100 American Girl Gift Card, Amazon Kindle, Beats Earbud Headphones, $100 Council Gift Card

    1000+ boxes

  • kindle fire and american girl doll
    Combine your 700 & 1000 box levels and choose ONE:

    Kindle Fire HD8 or American Girl Doll with outfit

  • 1500 level
    As a 1500 box seller, forfeit all reward levels from 700+ boxes and up to choose ONE of the following:

    iPod Touch or Karaoke System

    1500+ boxes

  • ipad mini
    As a 2500 box seller, forfeit all reward levels from 700+ boxes and receive an iPad Mini

    2500+ boxes

100 Years of Girl Scouts Selling Cookies


You can earn this custom avatar patch by completeing the following steps:

  1. Create a Me2 Avatar during the Fall Product Sale.
  2. Send 12 emails during the Fall Product Sale.
  3. Sell 200 boxes of cookies during the 2017 cookie program.

Initial Order Rewards

100 Patch Pin_2017

Girls who reach 200+ boxes of cookies in their initial cookie order will receive the 100 Years Patch Pin.


Girls who reach 300+ boxes of cookies in their initial cookie order will receive the Cookie Power Necklace.

Troop Rewards

Bold Brave Kind Owl T-shirt

Troops with a per girl average of 160 will receive a t-shirt for each girl selling, plus two for adult volunteers.

Digital Cookie Reward

Cookie Techie Patch_2017

Receive the Cookie Techie Patch with 12+ DOC boxes. 

Gift of Caring Rewards

Gift of Caring Patch_2017

Receive the Gift of Caring patch with 12+ donated boxes.


Recieve the Cookie Sticky Note Set and Tray with 75+ donated boxes.

Become a Cookie Volunteer

We are always looking for parents to volunteer. Become a troop leader or help out with the cookie program by becoming a cookie volunteer.

To become a Troop or Cookie Volunteer, click here.