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Explore Our Camps

We provide amazing opportunities for girls to develop and grow a love for the great outdoors. Our mission: Leave no girl inside! There are many ways to bring the outdoors into Girl Scout meetings—and no better way to explore nature than at Girl Scout camps! 

Girl Zone

Girl Zone

The Girl Zone is a state of the art “urban camp” that will allow our girls and volunteers the opportunity to visit the capital city of West Virginia (Charleston) and enjoy the cultural surroundings such as the Clay Center, Cultural Center, Civic Center, Capital, Town Center Mall, Indian Mound in South Charleston, Appalachian Power Park (Baseball) and numerous local state parks all while enjoying a safe, fun and inexpensive place to stay.

The Girl Zone boasts two bunk rooms. The rooms sleep 12 girls each (bunk beds) and has a separate sleeping room for 2 female leaders. They also have a restroom with 5 toilets and 5 showers per room and a large changing area with plenty of outlets for hair dryers, curling irons and other small appliances.

To help the troop/group save money there are two kitchens available for use (1 per bunk room) with a stove, refrigerator and dishwasher so that after a day of traveling around the city’s attractions you can come back and make lunch and dinner. There are tables available for dining.

There is a great room with 2 areas for relaxing and discussing that day’s adventure with your fellow Girl Scout sisters as well as meeting and sharing your stories with new “sisters”.

After your day of traveling the city and surrounding areas of Charleston there is a beautiful fire pit in the back yard of the Girl Zone that has amphitheater style seating. You will have hours and hours of fun singing campfire songs, roasting marshmallows or telling ghost stories. This is another great area to meet new Girl Scouts and make lifelong friends.

For those wanting to have meetings or crafts during their stay you can use the meeting space at the front of the Girl Zone. There are tables and chairs there for your use.

Camp Rocky Ledges

Camp Rocky Ledges

Facilities at Camp Rocky Ledges include a year-round heated lodge/dining hall, featuring indoor restrooms, a shower, and a large well-equipped kitchen. There is also a small heated cabin called the “Hilltop House” that is nice for a smaller troop/group. It has a small kitchenette and bathroom in it, as well. For spring and summer adventures, the camp has the choice of either the Singing Pines Tent Unit with six platform tents in it or the Huckleberry half-cabin unit. Each tent or half-cabin sleeps four using cots with mattresses. Each unit has a small shelter available for troop/group use. There is electricity, water service and a shelter available to both units. Also, a small cabin called the Staff house is available, if desired for program use. There is a small pond and amphitheater in camp, as well. For more information view our camp site information and features chart. 


Camp Giscowheco

Camp Giscowheco

Facilities at Camp Giscowheco include a year-round heated lodge with a wood-burning fireplace, a leader's sleep room, an indoor restroom, and a small, but well-equipped kitchen. There is a large dining hall, also with a kitchen. For spring and summer adventures, there is a large pavilion called, the Kate Dorer Shelter, available for seasonal use. The camp also features two platform tent units – named Mingo and Cherokee, with eight platform tents each plus one half-cabin unit - called the Shawnee Unit. Each tent or half-cabin sleeps four using cots with mattresses. There is electricity and water service provided to all housing units and a seasonal central shower house is available. Each Unit has a small shelter and wash station for use, as well. The swimming pool is open from May until the end of August. For more information view our camp site information and features chart.