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staff directory

Staff Directory

Governance Team

Beth CaseyChief Executive Officer(304) 553-7028
Jessica RichardsChief Mission Delivery Officer(304) 553-7014
Roberta RichmondChief Financial and Business Officer(304) 553-7030
Courtney BorekExecutive Assistant(304) 345-7722 X1022

Development and Marketing

Denise DavisDirector of Membership Development(304) 345-7722
Cindy JenkinsRegional Recruitment Manager(304) 590-1045
Debby KemmerlingRegional Recruitment Manager(304) 345-7722 X1513
Jaime BigleyRegional Recruitment Manager(304) 410-2835
Tina ChandlerRegional Recruitment Manager(304) 410-6026
Dedriell TaylorDirector of Philanthropy(304) 553-7029
Meghan SmithExternal Relations Manager(304) 345-7722 X1033
Lila MangusRegional Recruitment Manager(304) 345-7722 X1032

Mission Delivery

Becky PackSenior Director of Member Services(304) 345-7722 x1102
Natalie HugginsMember Experience Manager(304) 345 7722 x1402
Stacie BolenMember Experience Manager(304) 345-7722 x1101
Tina ChambersMember Experience Manager(304) 650-4370
Shannan DavisMember Experience Manager(681) 209-5194
Deb DowlerMember Experience Manager(740) 594-5455
Jackie LawMember Experience Manager(304) 888-5717
Sandi GreenhoweMember Experience Manager(304) 345-7722 X1017
Shawn KastenVolunteer Resource Manager(304) 345-7722 x1025
Kathy StorageProgram Manager(304) 345-7722 X1020
Suzanne GoralczykSenior Director of Membership Operations(304) 841-6726
Katharina FritzlerSenior Program Manager(304) 345-7722 X1019
Sandie BurdetteCustomer Care - Troop Support(304) 553-7016
Cindy MoffattCustomer Care(304) 345-7722 x1013
Kaitlyn RhodesCustomer Care - Onboarding(304) 345-7722 X1036
Naomi TaylorCustomer Care - Onboarding(304) 345-7722 X1035
Tiffany SaundersCustomer Care Associate(304) 345-7722 X1024
Allison BartramCusomer Care Associate(304) 345-7722 X1023

Finance and Business

Joe WhittingtonDirector of Facilites(304) 345-7722
Paul AdkinsCamp Ranger, Rocky Ledges(304) 743-1907
John NashCamp Ranger, Giscowheco(304) 547-1232
Richard RenickDirector of Information Technology(304) 553-7013
Kim LaCountRetail Manager(304) 553-7015
Julie MorgadoDirector of Business Operations(304) 553-7017